Plight of Karachi

We have always heard from ancestors that if you want to see a woman’s style and sophistication, look at her kitchen and bathrooms. If they are clean then there is a strong hope that the woman will take care of the cleanliness because in most of the houses this is what happens when all the decoration and cleaning is done in the drawing rooms of the house and even if someone passes by mistake from the bathroom, breathing automatically stops.

The same principle applies to cities and countries. If you want to see the true color of a city, look at its cleanliness and traffic system because these two things are the mirror of any city and the mirror is the only thing that shows everything clearly.

If you look at the beautiful city of Karachi in the said mirror, then see the plight of this city, your heart starts to shed tears of blood. This is the city that was once referred to as a science and literature hub, which now presents a grim picture. What is wrong with this city is that theft, robbery, garbage, mafia and blind law are all present in this city. This is the city that has remained the capital of the country after the creation of Pakistan, this is the city where the father of the nation was born, this is the city where the father of the nation is buried, this is the city of lights. It is called a city and it is also a city where no one can go hungry. It is a pity that this is also the city where people with big faces turn their mouths and throw betel leaves on the road.

Plight of Karachi

If we talk about the traffic situation of this city, then perhaps this will be the unfortunate city of Pakistan where the worst traffic jam of the country occurs. Sadly, there are always traffic jams for the common man in this city, but if a ruler or a high-ranking person walks through the streets of the city, the people of this city are not even allowed to breathe. All the forces tasked with protecting the country are deployed for the security of these rulers as the kings who hold the crown of power feels threatened by their own people who have this begging for votes on election days. How will the national and civic problems of the masses be solved? These are the rulers who always talk about law enforcement, just ask them a question, how many ambulances are in their convoy stuck during the full proof security and who is responsible for the patients’ death in the traffic jam. How many people are waiting for the traffic to open, how many students are late for exams but what do the rulers care, it is a bit of a headache for them. It is actually the magic of these rulers that until the whistles are blown, the lines of police and rangers will not be drawn, how will they know that the rulers of the country are leaving.

The tyranny of Karachi, the beautiful city of Karachi is perpetrated by these rulers on a daily basis. They do not care how many problems this city has. Giving money to the rest of the people of this city, why don’t they just get on the road, they don’t care. It is a pity that the condition of Karachi has become so bad that the people of this city do not have access to better transport. Slowly the buses are running out and there is a crowd of Qingi rickshaws gathering. Because the city has a long history, not only in 2022, but also since 1975, where donkeys used to be ridden because the way humans are loaded into Qingis suggests that someone may have been riding. Sadly, when one hears from an old man that once upon a time there were trams, trains and buses in this city, one’s eyes fill with tears as to where that time has gone. We are so unfortunate that even after paying so much tax we are being oppressed so much. Sometimes the demand of some political parties that this city will not get the status of a province will not get better and this tyrant will never allow this to happen.

In the end, if you look at the cleanliness, the heart becomes more and more confused and wondering what to do with this city if you are not loyal to it. This city is becoming a pile of the rubbish day by day, Karachi should be renamed as garbage den because the people of this city consider it their honor to throw garbage and betel on the road and spit.

In the past, ‘paan’was known as an example of civilization, but as bad as this city is due to ‘paan’, it makes you feel sick. More than half of the people of the city are always full of ‘paan’ which later on, the city proudly throws that ‘paan spits’ in any street because they need an eagle, not the city itself. It is a pity that these are the people who are seen sitting at the tea hotels with their mouths full of ‘paan’ leaves and commenting that, brother, Allah is the owner of this city, look, there are piles of dirt everywhere, then stop.

A famous poetry fixes the situation of the city.

‘Roona naseeb mein ahi to auron say kia gila, apny he sar lia koi ilzam ro paray’