Pensioner finds nest of mice in her sofa as she's forced to live in Travelodge

A pensioner has been stuck in a Travelodge because her home is infested with mice.

Davina Hamilton has been living in a hotel in New Brighton, Wirral, Merseyside, for more than six weeks.

While she has been staying there, the housing association has been ripping out the kitchen of her Seacombe flat to deal with the "chronic infestation", Liverpool Echo reports.

The retired legal secretary said: "I am now due to begin my seventhweek of staying at the Travelodge in a room with a small kettle, a TV and my computer on the dressing table.

"Every day I must travel back to Maritime Grange, where all my furniture and personal possessions are stored in the two guest rooms on the ground floor to get clean clothes and to do my laundry.

"There are no facilities at all at the Travelodge so each day I have to go out to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is tedious and stressful."

Davina moved into her flat in August 2019 and has struggled with mice for a long time.

The 76-year-old said her landlord had offered to renovate her flat and deal with the infestation.

She said: "It was agreed my flat would be completely renovated including special attention being given to the obvious vermin problem plus all contamination removed.

"A new sofa was eventually agreed to replace my sofa which had to be destroyed due the discovery of a mouse nest.

"Also the kitchen needed to be completely removed.....various entry points in the walls where mice had access to be sealed and a new kitchen and flooring installed."

In July Davina said a "plague" of rodents had been tormenting her - disturbing her sleep and brazenly staring at her while she is watching telly.

Pensioner finds nest of mice in her sofa as she's forced to live in Travelodge

At the time she said: "I have to deal with this infestation every day. There are droppings in my bed, in my food cupboards and all over the edges of the carpet."

The stress of them had been keeping her awake at night as she feared the rodents running over her bed.

She had to put her belongings in plastic storage boxes to protect them from the mice.

Initially, Davina said she was only supposed to move out for 28 days while the work was completed.

Reganda agreed to a daily food allowance given she was unable to cook for herself from a hotel room.

A spokesman for Regenda said: "We are sorry that work to Ms Hamilton’s flat has taken longer than we anticipated.

"We have been in regular contact with Ms Hamilton, and I am pleased to confirm that she will able to move back into her home on Friday 12 November.

"This follows extensive work to her property, including the installation of a new kitchen, new carpets fitted throughout, full decoration and new furniture, including a new sofa, cooker and hob and fridge freezer.

"While Ms Hamilton has not been living at her flat, we are providing a food allowance of £15 each day. We have also provided compensation to Ms Hamilton.

"However, we fully appreciate that not having cooking or laundry facilities readily available is difficult and we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

"We’re looking forward to welcoming Ms Hamilton back to Maritime Grange."

The Mirror has contacted Regenda for further comment.

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