Mum's amazement at making 'disgusting' rusty towel rail look good as new for just £1

Sometimes it seems appliances in our homes are too far gone to ever look good again and we might think about giving up on them and just buying new ones.

But one mum has proved that even the most disgusting of items can be made to sparkle once more - and all you need are two items, The Pink Stuff paste (£1 from Wilko) and some tin foil.

Eve Cocks took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook group to share her amazement after managing to make the old and rusty towel rail in her bathroom look "brand new".

The parent, from Cardiff, explained how she managed to pull off the incredible transformation and save loads of money.

In her post she wrote: "Well, I’m amazed...just used The Pink Stuff and foil on my disgusting old rusty towel rail and it looks nearly brand new!

"Was thinking of buying a new one but saw a post on this group. As you can see it definitely works!"

Speaking to The Mirror, Eve went on to further explain her method, saying: "All I did was scoop a small amount of The Pink Stuff paste onto some scrunched up tin foil and gently rubbed the rusty towel rail.

Mum's amazement at making 'disgusting' rusty towel rail look good as new for just £1

"It took minutes with hardly any effort.

"I would think it would cause scratching on some surfaces but none to be seen on my chrome towel rail!"

The post garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments and shares.

Many people were impressed by the cleaning transformation, with one writing in disbelief: "No way!"

Another said: "Defo gonna try this!"

"That looks amazing," replied a third.

Someone else confessed they'd been inspired to give it a go as well and were pleased with the results so far, saying: "I did it tonight and it works!!! Halfway thru. Too tired."

A different user added: "Wow, what a difference!"

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