Man shares 'life-changing' hack to remove make-up from clothes in minutes

A beauty guru has shared a life-changing hack to remove foundation stains from clothes within minutes - and fans are living for it.

Alessandro, who boasts just over 819,000 followers on TikTok, shared the incredible trick on his social media platform.

The simple solution involves squirting shaving foam onto the stained clothing and letting it sink in for five minutes before carefully rubbing the product in with a soft, clean cloth - and it instantly removes any tough makeup marks.

In Alessandro's example, he applied foam to the stained area - particularly around the neck and collar.

He says in the video clip: "The amount of shirts I've thrown away before I knew this tip.

''If you wear make-up, I know this has happened to you.

''And typically, foundation doesn't just come off after throwing it in the washer.''

He also explained it's important to get a can of foam, not gel.

''No more throwing away nice tops,'' he said whilst revealing the final results.

Alessandro said to remove the excess foam, put the clothing into the wash along with other white garments.


Man shares 'life-changing' hack to remove make-up from clothes in minutes

TikTok users applauded him in the comments for the incredible hack.

''My life. Has been. SAVED,'' one user thanked.

Another wrote: "Gillette edge is the best (we use it in film to get blood stains out!)"

But a few other people didn't agree, with one penning: "The shaving cream doesn't work."

Another wrote: ''Or you can just simply use the stain remover spray. You can buy nearly anywhere at a low price.''

A different beauty hack went viral in recent weeks, with a skincare expert sharing how she's managed to stay wrinkle-free at 50.

Kat, a trained esthetician and skincare expert, regularly shares beauty advice on her TikTok @shinebeautymalibu, where she has 268,000 followers.

In a video that has been viewed more than 1.1 million times, Kat revealed the anti-ageing secret that has kept her looking so young for all these years.

To keep wrinkles at bay all you need is a roll of scotch tape, which you can purchase from almost anywhere for as little as £1.

Kat said that she was first taught the technique by skincare expert Dr. Brant and has been practising it ever since.

Now, thanks to the hack, she has hardly any wrinkles.

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