Kitchen splashback ideas: How to choose the perfect backsplash

This pattern gets its name thanks to its resemblance to a fish skeleton ("herring" "bone" – get it?). Design aficionados say that visually, it can makesmall rooms seem bigger than they are as the eye is naturally drawn to the width of the 'V' within the pattern.

Using dark grout in your kitchen splashback can help hide hard to clean stains and provide a chic contrast against white tiles.

Bring a bit of spice into your kitchen space by choosing a Moroccan-inspired splashback. The intricate, kaleidoscope of patterns make for a colourful and creative focal point in your kitchen.

Marble makes for a versatile splashback option, complementing both modern, industrial styling and classic, luxury design.

Copper is a material that's both trendy and timeless. A shiny finish offers a modern feel while burnished copper lends itself to rustic styling. Either way, it makes for a striking focal point in any kitchen. Better yet, copper is antimicrobial meaning it can kill a wide range of harmful bacteria. So sanitary!

Fish scale tiles – also known as fan tiles or scallop tiles – are particularly popular in showers and bathrooms, but also make for a beautiful kitchen splashback. They're often used in Moroccan or ocean-inspired kitchens.

A brick splashback offers an industrial, textural element to your kitchen. It's important to properly seal or fit a glass panel over the brick to protect it from water and food stains.

Kitchen splashback ideas: How to choose the perfect backsplash

This geometric shape is a popular option for kitchen splashbacks, offering an eye-catching and creative alternative to traditional tiles.

There are a huge range of colours and textures when it comes to timber and faux-timber splashbacks. It's important to properly seal your timber splashback or fit a clear glass cover to ensure it is water and stain-resistant.

Using chalkboard paint can make for a customisable and creative splashback. Not only can you add your own artwork, it can be used to list chores, groceries and reminders for the whole family!

Instead of adding a materials to your kitchen splashback, why not take some away? Using a glass window can help your kitchen appear more spacious while streaming natural light into the room.

Mirror is another material that can create the illusion of a bigger (and lighter) space so it's perfect for smaller kitchens. However, mirrored splashbacks require regular cleaning as dirt and marks can quickly build up.

When it comes to a classic backsplash, nothing beats the traditional and très chic subway tile. They originated in the New York City subway system and it's characterised by white tiles, stacked in an offset pattern.

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