ITV Coronation Street fans figure out how Adam Barlow will be 'saved' as Lydia Chambers' exit is confirmed

She has been frustrating them for weeks but Lydia Chambers will not be treading the cobbles for much longer.

The character, played by Rebecca Ryan, made her debut on the ITV soap in December and in recent weeks viewers have been watching her ramp up her plan for revenge on Adam Barlow.

The reason for Lydia's vengeance is still unclear, with fans speculating about exactly what Adam did when the pair dated while at university years ago.

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So far the twisted character has managed to convince Sarah Barlow that she has been having an affair with her husband by sending texts via their WiFi to a phone she planted in their flat, sending lingerie to the factory where she got a job as a PA, and charging champagne and oysters to Adam's hotel bill as he spent his evening consoling a male client.

In her latest act of revenge, Lydia trashed her own flat when solicitor Adam came knocking at her door to try and talk sense into her and get her to tell Sarah the truth. With the police involved, Adam is now facing the prospect of being struck off.

But things will soon be coming to an end as it has been confirmed that Lydia will bow out of the soap amid dramatic scenes in Weatherfield.

An ITV spokesperson has confirmed to The Mirror that Lydia will depart as the storyline reaches an exciting conclusion later this month and Rebecca knew that she'd only be appearing on the Salford-based soap for a limited time.

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod also teased the end of the drama when he said: "We’ve got heart-stopping, high-stakes drama for Sarah, featuring a knife-edge showdown between Adam and his tormentor Lydia, which will leave you wondering which one’s the bad guy."

ITV Coronation Street fans figure out how Adam Barlow will be 'saved' as Lydia Chambers' exit is confirmed

It comes as fans think they've figured out how Adam may be 'saved' and Lydia's scheming will come to light.

Corrie fans will remember that Sarah was left less than impressed last month when she discovered what Adam had bought her for her birthday.

The ladies' man thought he had the perfect thing to win her over. "I pushed the boat out. Ta da," Adam confidently cheered as she handed Sarah a brochure for their fancy new cooker.

"It's being delivered this afternoon," he continued. "I went for the more expensive double oven, with the easy clean coating. It's even got an HD camera fitted into it."

But Sarah's disappointment was palpable before she replied: "Are you kidding?"

At the time, viewers slammed Sarah for being ungrateful and if they're right, Adam's gift could soon come in handy in revealing the truth about Lydia.

@heathershawmart tweeted: "Remember the oven he bought Sarah with a camera in it to watch the roast cooking? That's going to come back and save the day. She was in the apartment right after that was mentioned."

@AileenBaird19 then brilliantly replied: "Yes I forgot that. Sarah needs to wake up and smell the roast beef!!" while @heathershawmart had another clever response, commenting: "I'm pretty sure that's what's going to save his bacon."

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