Inside eerie 'time-capsule' antique home which was abandoned decades ago

Creepy footage captured an abandoned time-warp home with family photos sat gathering dust for decades.

The Edinburgh property sits untouched since its owner moved out years and years ago - and TikTokers went in to explore, EdinburghLive report.

The two-part video captured by MagnetFishingEdinburgh shows the eerie once-loved home left to rot.

Antiques and personal possession litter the floor as the the video recorded struggled to get around.

The spooky footage shows ornaments and rubbish scattered around. MagnetFishingEdinburgh have made a habit of retrieving historic items from the depths of local canals and rivers.

The team have a huge following on TikTok with over 400,000 regular viewers and almost four million likes overall, as they have branched out and started inspecting abandoned Edinburgh attractions.

The two-part video was captioned: "The abandoned antique house" and looked like something from a horror movie.

Inside eerie 'time-capsule' antique home which was abandoned decades ago

Whilst there were several antiques such as an old television and crockery, the house had also been turned upside down and looked like it had been rummaged through.

It's unclear where exactly the house was, but it is obvious that it has been untouched for decades, with all the wallpaper being stripped off and documents acting like another layer of carpet.

The windows to the property have all been smashed and there's even a piano in the corner of one of the rooms.

The team said that everything had been left behind, including family photos. The videos also capture multiple old storage units and drawers filled with items and notes.

Just to make the hair stand up on your arms even more, the team explored the house when darkness had fallen, something not many would be brave enough to attempt.

The house clearly represents a situation where the family have had to make speedy exit and have never come back to it.

As is often the case with abandoned buildings within the city, another use is eventually found for them, or they are demolished to make way for new developments.

It certainly appears that this particular time-warp home has indeed been frozen in time and could be up there with some of the spookiest buildings in the capital.

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