Inside Blackpink Jennie’s home and where to get her key interior pieces from

It’s an indisputable fact that the world is obsessed with Jennie Kim.

The 25-year old singer shot to fame as a member of Blackpink, a four-member girl group that’s been making waves since their debut back in 2016. Dubbed “Human Chanel” by fans, she was also pronounced as the Maison’s house ambassador back in June this year.

Yet, apart from her keen sense of fashion, Jennie has been getting attention for something else: the interior design of her home.

The singer gave fans a mini tour of her abode via her personal YouTube channel this year, and the four-minute introductory video brought viewers along to areas like her bedroom and living space. Now, we’re not sure what you expected from her living space, but the multi-hyphenate is said to be living in the UN Village located in the Hannam neighbourhood, an area where many of the well-heeled in Seoul reside in.

But what’s a glamorous home without an interior to match it with? Jennie’s been spotted with a bunch of iconic pieces, including furnishings from Swedish furniture designer Gustaf Westman, as well as bulbous, round cornered couches from both Roche Bobois and B&B Italia.

If you’re hoping to cop a piece or two from Jennie’s home interior, you’ve found your people. While we couldn’t actually head inside her home (future invites, are of course, more than welcome!) we took to her social pages to suss out all the pieces from her pictures, and where you can get them from.

Curvy Mirror

If you’re into squiggle interiors, congratulations: you now have something in common with Jennie. Her Curvy Mirror from Gustaf Westman is in a groovy, pastel pop of pink that brings about a ton of sunshine in an otherwise pared-back room, and we love how it adds a fun dimension to a regular mirror selfie.

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Curvy Table

The Curvy Mirror isn’t the only item from Gustaf Westman that Jennie has. To perfectly complement the cheerful pink mirror is the Curvy Table — in the same colour, no less. The perfect prop to any candid I’m-working-from-home selfie, the pastel table is handcrafted in Sweden with wood and is lacquered for a semi-matte finish.

Inside Blackpink Jennie’s home and where to get her key interior pieces from

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Lipsticks Toiletpaper Mirror

We’re obsessed with the Seletti Lipsticks Toiletpaper Mirror that Jennie has. It’s fun, it’s quirky and it’s everything we want and need. A cross between a mirror and a painting, the light-hearted number doesn’t just find itself in Jennie’s home, it’s also featured in another Blackpink member, Rose’s house too.

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Haller 2-Tier Storage

It may have only appeared at the corner of Jennie’s selfie, but the iconic design of the USM Haller can’t escape our eyes. For the uninitiated, the USM Haller is a classic design by renowned Swiss manufacturer USM Modular Furniture, famed for its clean lines and endless customisation possibilities.Besides finding a home in Jennie’s place, the USM Haller is also included as part of a permanent collection in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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Bubble Sofa

It’s safe to say that Jennie loves her pastels. Apart from the gorgeous pinks from Gustaf Westman, her own Bubble Sofa from Roche Bobois is also in a light-hearted shade of blue (the colour is called Marine on the website).

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From Jennie’s choice of the Bubble Sofa, you can tell she’s not one for regular couches when it comes to lounging. The rounded contours of the Camaleonda, first designed by Mario Bellini, is testament to that. It was once part of a interior design wave that championed easiness on the eye when it was first conceptualised in 1970s, and it also provides an incredible amount of comfort for its users, whether they are sitting or lying down.

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Tiled table

We’re not sure where Jennie got her tiled console from, but it doesn’t take away the fact that we’re obsessed with it. Tiled tables are all the rage these days too, and they make for great DIY project if you’re up for it. Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Local store Studio JAM handcrafts these beauties in a multitude of colours, and you can contact them to customise one of your own too.

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(Images of Jennie Kim: @jennierubyjane via Instagram)

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore.