Illinois house for sale will give a ‘little self-reflection’ | The Sacramento Bee Need a ‘little self-reflection’? House for sale in Illinois has you covered. See why


By TJ Macias


A unique house has turned up on the real estate market in Oak Brook, Illinois, for $733,000 but buyer beware: You’ll probably need a lifetime supply of Windex to cheerfully live in this home.

You must also really adore your own reflection.

Saying the four-bedroom, five-bathroom home has a vintage, 1980s-mirror theme going on inside would be a massive understatement. Mirrored walls, furniture and appliances consume almost every inch of the house’s 4,256 square feet.

Of course, the home does offer other features, according to the listing on, including:

But back to all those mirrors, which are not mentioned in the listing at all.

The interior turned heads of fans on the popular social media page, Zillow Gone Wild, who were both perplexed, and amused, by the abundance of looking glass.

“I’ll just assume the owner was a nudist,” one person joked.

Illinois house for sale will give a ‘little self-reflection’ | The Sacramento Bee Need a ‘little self-reflection’? House for sale in Illinois has you covered. See why

“Great, you get to see outdated in many angles,” another noted.

“There has never been a better time in history to be a circle mirror,” someone said.

“So beautiful, I love windows and mirrors the more brightness the better,” someone gushed. “Would love it, but would def. have to hire a housekeeper, window cleaner and be really rich, like really, really.”

“I can totally ‘see myself’ living there,” another joked. “Must be a great place to do a little self-reflection.”

“Great. I just walked into a wall and now I have a concussion,” someone said.

Some imagined all the fingerprints that would smear across nearly every surface.

“I hope the new owners don’t have any kids or pets,” one person pointed out. “Can you imagine cleaning toddler fingerprints and doggie nose artwork off of all these mirrored surfaces every day? They even covered the fridge with mirrors for crying out loud!”

“I’m just thinking how many fingerprints I would have to clean off all the time, especially on the kitchen cabinets,” another said. “It’s like a nightmare!”

“All I see is the need for an endless supply of Windex. And fingerprints……..fingerprints EVERYWHERE!!!” someone exclaimed.

And, of course, there was the looming question of how a photographer managed to steer clear of their own reflection when shooting the pictures.

“Photographer did a great job staying out of the photos!” one person pointed out.

“How did the photographer photograph this house without ever catching their reflection in the shots?” another asked. “They are either a genius, or masterful at post-production editing.”

Oak Brook is about 20 miles southwest of Chicago.

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March 10, 2022 3:16 PM
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