How to polish and remove scratches from glass with toothpaste, baking soda and more

Whether you have a super modern coffee table, a glass dining table, or glass shower doors, you may have more glass around your home than you realize... But even so, knowing exactly how to polish up and remove scratches from glass to have yours looking like new isn’t always so clear.

How to polish and remove scratches from glass with toothpaste, baking soda and more

And unfortunately, it doesn’t take much at all to damage glass in the first place. One abrasive cleaning tool, terracotta plant pot, awkwardly placed coaster or an over-excited child (you know what we mean) later and your glass features are toast. There is hope however, as you can use a few select household ingredients and products – from toothpaste, to trusty baking soda and even nail polish – to clean up your glass items, removing surface marks and scratches with ease. So much so that you won’t need to replace them at all… huzza!

Always start with clean glass because you don’t want any fine dust or debris making the scratched area worse. Of course, if you’re dealing with large gouges of missing glass, that calls for a replacement (and a professional). But if you’re wanting to shiny up your glass features around the home, or even just your reading glasses, and have a little time to spare, read on.

Many use newspaper to dry off and polish glass with, however Melissa Maker creator of the brilliant Clean My Space shares a word of caution 'Back in the day, newspaper print was made using carbon black, or lamp black – that was the part of the newspaper which was responsible for actually polishing glass surfaces (and also why using a newspaper was SO effective) – however, now latex is used, and this will just smear the soap on your glass.. 🙂'

Scratch-free and polished to perfection 👌