Hairdresser says we wash our hair in the wrong order - and need microfibre towels

Washing our hair should be a task we all have perfected – because most of us do it multiple times a week to keep our locks clean.

But apparently, we’ve all been doing it wrong.

According to TikTok hairdresser Monique McDown Rapier, @moniquemrapier, we should actually be lathering our locks in conditioner before we clean them with shampoo, and not the other way around.

In a video sharing the things we should be doing to our hair every week, Monique stated: “Every other time you wash your hair, use conditioner first everywhere. Then shampoo only the top half, and then conditioner on only the bottom half.”

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Monique’s video also claimed we should be using a microfibre towel to dry our hair instead of the same cotton one we use on our bodies.

And the stylist also shared her tips for drying your hair and removing oil build-up on your scalp.

She said: “Never blow dry above your ear and let your hair air dry 90 percent before blow drying the rest.

Hairdresser says we wash our hair in the wrong order - and need microfibre towels

“Remove build-up on your scalp with an apple cider vinegar rinse, especially if you have naturally oily hair.”

Monique’s video has been viewed over a million times, and people can’t get enough of her game-changing advice.

One person said: “Thank you for the free advice! Wow I’ve been doing it so wrong.”

While another wrote: “I do all of this, and I’m so happy with my hair!”

And a third posted: “I love using my conditioner first, then shampoo. I use Olaplex so it feels like I’m really getting the most out of my conditioner using it all over first.”

Other commenters had more questions about the tips, and Monique was happy to help out with further advice.

When one person asked: “Never blow dry above the ear? But that’s the part I need to smooth out,” Monique replied: “Your hair is so sensitive by your roots and prone to damage! You’ll get flyaways when you apply heat to it and dry your roots out!”

And when another asked what was wrong with using cotton towels, Monique responded: “Cotton towel are harsh on your hair and can cause damage!”

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