Four Ways Illinois Taxpayers Can Speed Up The Arrival of Their Refund

Does anyone else feel like they've got a bit better about waiting for things in the last two-plus years since the COVID pandemic began?

First, we were waiting for the ok to leave our houses again. Then we were waiting for vaccines to arrive. Then we were waiting for public life to open back up again and for store shelves to actually be stocked with the things we need...and now we are all waiting for the whole COVID mess to finally be in our rearview mirrors. I think you get my point, we might still hate waiting for things, but we're getting more used to it.

Four Ways Illinois Taxpayers Can Speed Up The Arrival of Their Refund

Many of the things we have to wait for in life might be out of our control, but receiving your 2021 tax refund in a timely manner doesn't have to be one of them.

In case you aren't aware, tax experts across the nation have been warning us for a while now that 2021 tax refunds will be delayed partly due to the COVID pandemic, but more because of the high volume of calls the IRS is dealing with right now.

I can't promise your 2021 tax refund won't be delayed at the federal and/or state level, but I can tell you there are things you can do when filing them that can help speed the process along.

Here are 4 tips for a faster tax refund from;

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