Fed up senior confronts suspected thief, pulls off his balaclava

A Campbell River senior is being hailed as a hero, a legend and an amazing granny after unmasking a would-be thief and making sure he didn’t get away with a shopping cart filled with loot at Walmart Saturday afternoon.

In a video taken by Campbell River resident Darrell Johansen and shared widely on social media, the senior, who has not yet been identified, blocks the thief’s exit then tears off his balaclava exposing his face, and then ensures the full cart of stolen items goes nowhere.

The citizen can be heard telling the man, “I’m fed up with this” kind of stealing, before berating him with a few choice words. The man then grabs what appears to be his own backpack from the cart and slinks away with his bike.

There have been a rash of thefts from this Walmart; a security guard was stabbed Dec. 7 after intervening in a theft.

Fed up senior confronts suspected thief, pulls off his balaclava

Responses to the video range from “Grammy wasn’t playing around” and the quintessentially Canadian “Wow, grandma damn near Jersey’d him!” — a reference to pulling a hockey jersey over someone’s head before throwing punches — to fears about her safety and wondering why anyone would step in to save Walmart a few dollars.

In his own post with the video, Johansen said he’s been told Walmart employees are not allowed to intercede but the company needs to figure things out at the store.

“There’s nothing preventing private citizens from jumping in but it’s probably not recommended given the unfortunate incident that happened at our Walmart here a few months ago with that security guard getting stabbed,” he said.

Johansen said he is also fed up with this kind of stealing and had noticed the would-be thief in the store and figured he was about to make a run for it.

“Whoever that lady is that ripped his mask off, I’ll take you as my partner in crime fighting anytime,” he said.

Johansen reported the incident to Campbell River RCMP and was told that unless Walmart files a claim nothing will be done.

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