Easy white vinegar hack to clean your washing machine and detergent drawer

Keeping our clothes clean and doing laundry frequently would be a pain without a washing machine in our lives. However, we shouldn't forget to clean the washing machine itself regularly.

Washing machines are warn and wet, making them the perfect spot for germs to thrive in. If we don't clean our machines every few weeks, we're letting gross stuff like mould, mildew, dust, dirt and chunks of soap build up inside the drum.

This not only prevents the washing machine from working properly, leaving your clothes dirty and smelly, but can also harm our health.

However, there's one easy hack, which makes use of a cheap kitchen ingredient to clean out your washing machine and keeping it working perfectly.

What cheap ingredient can we use to clean our washing machines?

White vinegar is a popular natural cleaning agent that can be used to clean your washing machine.

According to cleaning experts, using 250ml to 500ml white vinegar along with one to three teaspoons of baking soda is the perfect mix to scrub off all the grime and build-up inside your machine.

How to use white vinegar to clean the washing machine

When cleaning your washing machine, remember that inside and outside are equally important. So start with the door of your machine first.

Easy white vinegar hack to clean your washing machine and detergent drawer

Use a cloth dipped in a little vinegar to wipe the glass door and make it sparkle. This is also safe to use on the stainless steel drum.

Next, move on to the seal, which is probably the grubbiest area of the machine. The best way to clean is to use an old toothbrush, peel back all the layers and scrub every nook and cranny of it.

In case there's any stubborn mould, just a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda over it, followed by a good scrub with vinegar should do the trick.

These two ingredients will cause a reaction and create a foam which will lift the mould and make it easy for you to remove it with a cloth.

Another part you should make sure to clean is the detergent drawer. Fill it with vinegar, which will descale and break down any built-up clothing detergent in the machine.

Once this is all done, put the machine on its hottest cycle and run the machine on empty.

How often can you use white vinegar to clean washing machines?

White vinegar can be added to your machine every time you wash something. Add about 50ml or so to the fabric softener dispenser as part of your normal wash.

This trick not only keeps your machine sparkly clean and disinfect it, but also helps soften your clothes. If you're worried about the unpleasant scent of vinegar, you can pick up some scented vinegar to solve the issue.

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