Easy cooking hack helps keep fruit fresh for longer - and only costs pennies

Whether you enjoy spending time in the kitchen or dread every moment spent cooking your next meal, a few hacks definitely make the process easier for everyone.

Your kitchen might be filled with gadgets meant to make things simpler, however, there’s something special about making use of household items to make processes like prepping food, cooking and cleaning quicker and more efficient.

One such trick, shared by cooking blog Recipe To Cook, involves using an easily available ingredient to keep fruits fresh for longer. Here’s what you need to know about, plus a couple of other kitchen tricks to try out.

To make fruit stay fresh for longer, the blogs advises that you put a few slices of lemon in your fruit bag.

For instance, empty your strawberries from the container into a plastic bag and throw in a few lemon slices, then seal the bag and leave them in your fridge. This makes sure the strawberries will remain fresh for much longer.

One hack suggest storing milk on the upper of middle shelf in your fridge rather than the door to extend its shelf life.

Easy cooking hack helps keep fruit fresh for longer - and only costs pennies

Similarly, freezing leftover drinks like soda or punch into ice cubes is a time-saving hack that not only makes sure the drinks don't go to waste but also ensures you have a chilled beverage easily available when you need one.

Soaking hard-boiled eggs in vinegar for around 5-10 minutes makes it easier and faster to peel the shell.

Another tip when it comes to prepping hard-boiled eggs would be combining salt, water, and vinegar in a pot and boiling on high heat. Once the water is boiled, just carefully add in the eggs and cook for about 14 minutes.

Using a spray bottle to dispense your dish soap makes it easier to clean your dishes. The blog suggests spraying tough-to-clean pots and pans with the dish soap and letting the dishes soak.

By doing it this way, when you start cleaning the dishes, a lot less time and effort would be spent on scrubbing.

Tongs are a pretty essential and convenient kitchen tool to have around. But one simple trick can actually make this tool even more useful.

A ll you have to do is wrap a rubber band around the end of the tongs' arms. The rubber grip makes it easier to pick up hot foods without having to use your hands.

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