Cullum's Attaboy's upcoming permanent location will be a culinary ode to San Antonio

Owner Chris Cullum tells MySA the city may recognize the name for his popular burger concept. Prior to acquiring the Kings Court space, Cullum would serve juicy smash-style burgers from an airstream trailer sometimes parked outside Cullum's Attagirl, Attaboy's sister restaurant. Cullum says having a dedicated space and kitchen gives Attaboy room to add more menu items.

Cullum doesn't have an opening date set, but shares a taste of what customers can expect from Cullum's Attaboy. The burgers that made the name aren't going anywhere. Cullum says what he loves about burgers is that everyone can enjoy a good burger equally. That no-frills food concept will translate to the rest of the menu, he says.

Cullum's Attaboy will offer brunch, which he's dubbed "Champagne Breakfast," an in-house bread program, and plates like steak and eggs.

"It'll be a menu that brings back old San Antonio tradition. The whole concept is geared towards an older version of San Antonio, things that used to exist that no longer do," the owner says. "In a way we'll be celebrating old San Antonio, as far as the art is concerned and the music that will be played."

Cullum's Attaboy's upcoming permanent location will be a culinary ode to San Antonio

Cullum plans on taking a sheet out of his father's book. His dad is the late and legendary cornetist Jim Cullum. The elder Cullum, who is also the face of the Attaboy logo, brought jazz music to the Riverwalk at his business, The Landing Nightclub. His son affectionately calls him "Mr. San Antonio."

He says the Attaboy menu will feature items inspired by old Landing recipes and pre-war jazz sounds will fill the space. He'll also decorate the walls with a collection of San Antonio-centric art from his more than 30-year-old collection as a way to celebrate the city's past while feeding and entertaining the city's current generation.

"We're just offering something a little bit different that hasn't really been done. We hope to be a nice addition to the neighborhood; simple, clean plating and nothing too over the top or intense," Chris Cullum says. "We're just going to do our best to cook with love and respect for San Antonio."

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