Confusion as vandals cover swings in children's playground with baked beans

Vandals have covered equipment in a children's playground with baked beans in a move that has angered or amused people.

Parents arriving at the play park in Swanwick, Hampshire, found the beans smeared on the swings and roundabout resulting in disappointment for their little ones.

Mums and dads have been alerted to the food vandalism in a Facebook post in a neighbourhood group called 'Spotted Swanwick 2".

The post reads: "So today I take my little girl to chaple Street Park, and this is what I found. Baked beans on the swings, the kids roundabout and on the basket ball area.

"I don't understand. When we have all been cooped up for a while now, Would have thought people would want to look after parks."

The post has been shared more than 11,000 times and attracted almost 9,000 comments with opinions divided over the prank.

Confusion as vandals cover swings in children's playground with baked beans

One angry woman said: "Nasty bugger! Rather than wasting beans by raining on other people’s parade they could have donated those beans to a food bank. Shows where the culprit’s priorities lie."

A mum posted: "I’m all for baked beans on inanimate objects but not in a kids park; poor little ronald couldn’t play today bc of them."

Another commented: "It’s disgraceful. The litter and broken bottles also. Zero respect, such a shame."

But some people laughed at the move deciding it was a prank.

One joked: "So sweet of someone to leave a snack for the kids after a long day of playing."

Another quipped: "Right spill the beans ....who was it ??????"

While others came up with some amusing bean puns.

"In heinz-sight someone should clean that up," one woman posted.

Another said: "Someone has already bean on all the rides."