Casetify MagSafe-Compatible Custom Mirror Case review: A case that reflects you, literally

Casetify MagSafe-Compatible Custom Mirror Case review: A case that reflects you, literally

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Hey good-lookin'The iPhone case that doubles as a compact mirror.Jaclyn Kilani

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"Hey, where'd you get that case?" I've never been asked this question more often. The Custom Mirror Case from Casetify is an attention-grabber for sure. The shiny, ultra-reflective backing on this case is also fully MagSafe-compatible, which is a must for me. What really sets this case apart, however, is my name beautifully printed on the back panel. The subtle script font doesn't scream "JACLYN!" — it merely whispers my name, and I love it.

The mirror backing on the back of the Casetify custom case is one of many cases that Casetify offers, but it's one of the more unique designs. To make it even more unique, you can customize this case. Choose from small script fonts like mine, or large blocky initials that cover the back panel in a repeated motif that's reminiscent of designer bags. There are so many ways to customize this case, I doubt there are any two alike. Of course, a shiny metallic back panel comes with some obvious downsides, which I'll get into below.

Bottom line: The Casetify Custom Mirror Case is much more than protection. This shiny be-mirrored case is a fashion statement that's all your own.

Casetify Custom Mirror Case: Price and availability

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The only place to buy a custom Casetify case is on the Casetify website. That's because this brand has perfected the art of creating unique iPhone cases online. For this case, you can choose between several metallic color shades and the level of protection you need. Then, you can preview the many different customization options in real time right on the product page. A custom iPhone case doesn't come especially cheap, however — the Casetify Custom Mirror Case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max will run you $65, but the quality is on point. I'll go into that in the next section.

Casetify Custom Mirror Case: A good-lookin' case that lets you look at yourself

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You know you've got a fine accessory on your hands from the moment you take this case out of the box. It shines, it sparkles, and the customized print fits in perfectly with the design. When they say mirror, they mean it. I can see my face perfectly reflected in the backplate, and my name printed in the lower quadrant only adds to the appeal. It's blingy, but tasteful. It almost seems a shame to cover it up with a MagSafe-compatible wallet, but it's nice to know I can.

MagSafe has become an essential asset to the way I use my iPhone, so this is a feature I find absolutely necessary. Thankfully, this custom case is fully compatible with MagSafe. The MagSafe-compatible wallet does cover up my name, but when I need it, I'm happy that I can use it with this case. It also works with my MagSafe chargers and mounts like a charm.

Casetify MagSafe-Compatible Custom Mirror Case review: A case that reflects you, literally

It shines, it sparkles, and the customized print fits in perfectly with the design.

I mentioned earlier that this case has generated a lot of notice, and it's true — everyone asks me where I got it! You just can't help but notice the shiny reflective surface and custom print. This case stands out in a crowd and since it's so customizable, it's one-of-a-kind. Despite the shiny back panel, the tough TPU bumper creates a grippy insulator for protection.

Speaking of protection, this case is built with tough bumpers and raised bezels around the camera and screen, so you can count on it for protection as well as good looks. It has 360º drop protection for falls of up to five feet, and I have tested this out (on accident) several times. So far, it has held up well to my infamous butterfingers. The thing is, it protects the iPhone, but the case doesn't hold hold up well under the abuse. This brings me to the next section.

Casetify Custom Mirror Case: Handle with care

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The drawbacks of a mirror case are pretty self-evident. That shiny metallic surface is pretty to look at but doesn't hold up to a lot of abuse. The mirrored backplate will become scratched over time if you're rough on your iPhone. I am exceptionally rough on iPhone cases, so I found this out pretty quickly. Since I scratched the back panel, I've been trying a lot harder to handle it with care. Perhaps I should have been doing that in the first place?

One other thing I've noticed about the mirrored surface is that it shows fingerprints and smudges. This is to be expected with any shiny metallic surface, so I just clean it more often than I would with other cases. If I'm working in the garden or going on some outdoor adventure with my kids, I usually change cases first. I don't want to besmirch my pretty customized mirror case.

Casetify Custom Mirror Case: Competition


I scoured the internet looking for another customizable mirror case and I didn't find one. The only case I've found that's equal in flash and flair is the BaubleBar iPhone Case. This brand also offers fun, customizable designs that are interesting and eye-catching. Rather than print, they offer embossed cases with three-dimensional lettering you can feel. This comes at a cost of course; the BaubleBar cases take up to a month to produce and goes for about $70.

Casetify Custom Mirror Case: Should you buy it?

Source: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

4out of 5

Here's a case that doubles as your compact mirror and iPhone protector. The three colorways make it more interesting than a traditional silver mirror, but you'll have to take care. The shiny metallic surface is more prone to scratches than matte surfaces. What really sets this case apart (besides the mirror backplate) is the customization. With over 12 customization options to choose from, you can choose to print any initial or word you like, as long as it's eight characters or less. The possibilities are (almost) endless! Because of the options and unique materials, this case also makes a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special.

Bottom line: What better case to reflect your own personal style than a mirror case? The Casetify Custom Mirror Case is flashy yet tasteful, and it can also protect your iPhone from drops of up to five feet.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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