Brookfield Boy Scouts Announce Christmas Tree Pick Up Service

When Christmas is over then your attention turns to New Years, but after that it'll be time to take down all those Holiday decorations, including that Christmas Tree.

Many towns in the area offer Christmas tree pick-up, but not in Brookfield. So if your a Brookfield resident, what do you do with that tree? Thats' where Troop 5 of Brookfield comes in.

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Once again this year they have begun accepting reservations for their 11th Annual Christmas Tree Pick Up service. Boy Scouts from Troop 5 will pick up Christmas Trees on Sunday, Jan 2nd after 1pm and Saturday Jan 8th starting at 9am, and here's the good part,the troop will recycle them by grinding them into mulch to be used for some of their other projects.

Brookfield Boy Scouts Announce Christmas Tree Pick Up Service

Brookfield residents can schedule a tree pick up by visiting the troop’s website.

Click Here To Schedule Your Tree Pick-Up Date & Time

When making a reservation online, please select a pick up date of either Sunday, Jan 2nd or Saturday Jan 8th. There is a suggested donation amount of $10 per tree, however donations in any amount are appreciated but not required.

Of course trees should be free of ornaments and left in the driveway for pick up.

Here's a little background on Troop 5:

Troop 5 is comprised of 34 local boys age 11-17. Service to the community is a central part of the Scouting program and Troop 5 Scouts participate in service projects throughout the year including Fall clean up, trail clean up, Memorial Day flag placement at local cemeteries and more. Donations collected from Christmas tree pick-ups assist the troop in purchasing needed supplies to run the program as well as assist Scouts in paying for valuable summer camp experiences. Last year more then 220 trees were collected and recycled. The troop hopes to exceed that number this year.

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