Brandix releases short film titled ‘Enriching the fabric of community’ with BBC StoryWorks

Brandix recently released a short film titled ‘Enriching the fabric of community’ produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.

The film brings the Brandix apparel manufacturing facility in Batticaloa under fresh focus and is part of the ‘Building a Better Future’ series, presented by the World Green Building Council.

The production explores the profound effect buildings have on the quality of people’s lives and the role the green buildings movement plays in tackling climate change.

The film tells the remarkable tale of the factory in Batticaloa that proves as a benchmark for a green building that is 100 percent powered by solar energy, recycles or reuses all waste, and has highly efficient water systems in place.

Brandix releases short film titled ‘Enriching the fabric of community’ with BBC StoryWorks

The materials used in construction minimise heat gain of the building, and the rich biodiversity around the facility allows for a comfortable work environment that improves the overall wellbeing of employees.

Through the lens of a Brandix employee - Sutharshini, the film takes the viewer through challenges she faced in her personal life, and how the efforts of Brandix have eased the issues.

Brandix understands the need for not only environmental, but also, social sustainability to ensure truly transformative change across the apparel industry.

The company has implemented multiple ‘Care for Our Own’ community programmes to ensure access to clean drinking water for employees and others in the community, toward leading healthier lives. At present, over 4,500 families benefit from access to clean drinking water, with other beneficiaries including institutions such as schools and hospitals.

“At Brandix we believe in an integrated approach of embedding sustainability in every aspect of our operation - care for our planet and the communities in which we operate in is at the heart of everything we do, said Brandix Group Chief Executive Officer Ashroff Omar.

Highlighting that the fashion industry has experienced a noticeable shift in perception in recent years, with research indicating it is a significant polluter, Omar shared that the sustainability journey of Brandix began over a decade ago to consistently stay at the forefront of efforts to adopt best practices for environmentally and socially sustainable manufacturing.

“Green buildings such as our facility in Batticaloa exemplify this. It enables us to preserve the environment, rather than harm, while also ensuring a healthy and productive atmosphere for all our employees,” he said.

Brandix Essentials, Batticaloa achieved the status of the World’s 1st Net Zero Carbon certified apparel manufacturing facility in 2019, signifying that this factory eliminated its negative environmental impact through emission reduction, thereby playing its part to challenge climate change.

This factory is also rated Platinum in the prominently recognised Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System programme of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). ‘Enriching the fabric of community’ can be viewed on all Brandix social media platforms across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.