Best CBD Oils for Arthritis: Top 6 Hemp Tinctures for Joint Pain Reviewed

Arthritis is no joke. Painful and even debilitating in some cases, it is a serious ailment that plagues as many as 54 million Americans each year. Moreover, it is the number one cause behind disability leave in the workplace in the United States.

CBD is becoming a favorite method for treating the pain of arthritis. But what is the best CBD oil for arthritis? How do you make sure that you are getting the right one for you? Here are five of the best CBD oils on the market today for treating arthritis.

Best CBD Oil for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Though they are relatively new to the market, Royal CBD has shown to be a high-grade organic manufacturer of all of its CBD products. They keep things pretty simple, offering only CBD capsules, oil, and gummies though they do have a few topicals that have been CBD-infused. Other media outlets have also given praise to this new CBD sensation, including CFAH, LA Weekly, Herald Net, Bellevue Reporter, and more.

Both the capsules and oil are full-spectrum extracts, with flavor options such as berry, mint, vanilla, and unflavored. They also offer different potencies as not everyone is going to have the same needs.

Each and every Royal CBD product is tested to ensure that their batches are clean and free of contaminants that can impact the CBD dosage. With several easy-to-swallow options in a variety of flavors, it only makes sense why this is such a popular option.

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Another full-spectrum hemp product. This is important as a pro-inflammatory compound can make the symptoms of arthritis worse. Much like Royal CBD, Gold Bee makes use of supercritical CO2 to provide the most consistent potency as well as the highest level of purity. This brand has been recommended by a number of popular websites, including Seattle Weekly, The Daily World, Juneau Empire, and many others.

This is a full-spectrum cannabinoid, which means you get the best effects from each of the naturally-occurring compounds that can be found in hemp (including supportive terpenes and cannabinoids). That means needing less CBD to get the same results that you would otherwise need in an isolate.

While there are no artificial sweeteners or flavorings in their products, Gold Bee makes use of kiwi and organic honey to provide a pleasant flavor. Each product is tested thoroughly through a third-party lab to ensure the purity and potency of each product.

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Another relatively new kid on the block, CBDPure has been around since 2016 and their aim has been providing high-quality CBD oils created from organic hemp. They only sell capsules and oil, but those products are done well.

Like the best on the market, they use a supercritical CO2 extract and test each of their products through a third-party laboratory to ensure quality. Though it is not as potent as something like Royal CBD, you really can’t go wrong with CBDPure.

Even better, they have a great return policy, meaning that creators stand by the quality of their product. They offer a full money-back return within the first 90 days of purchase, whereas most other manufacturers only allow for 14 to 30 days, showing a lot about the integrity of the company.

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One of the oldest and longest-standing companies when it comes to CBD products is Hemp Bombs. They were around well before the current CBD boom and have established themselves to a burgeoning industry, creating a loyal customer base.

As compared to the full-spectrum extracts that the prior three CBD products use, Hemp Bombs are a CBD isolate. It tends to not only be less expensive, but more accurate than the full-spectrum options, though there is a lack of the “entourage” effects that the others provide.

Best CBD Oils for Arthritis: Top 6 Hemp Tinctures for Joint Pain Reviewed

Hemp Bombs, like the others, believes in extensive testing to ensure the purity and quality of each of their products. They even publish the test results on their website so that customers can see the entire range of testing: cannabinoid profile, microbial contaminant testing, heavy metals, and residual solvents.

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While most of the others on this list offer some variety, Nuleaf Naturals keeps it simple by only offering one oil. They use that oil in each of their offerings, meaning they can put all of their focus into making that product the best that it can be.

Despite its simplicity in offerings, Nuleaf Naturals is one of the best tasting on the market. Moreover, it has effects that are incredibly powerful, especially when compared to the others out there.

Finally, to qualify as one of the best options on the list, it needs to have stringent third-party testing to ensure quality. It is that assurance of higher quality that leads to a greater potency and a better overall result.

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Medterra is a CBD titan offering a wide array of broad-spectrum hemp extracts. Their oils contain CBD as well as supplemental cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, THCV, and CBN with all traces of THC (the psychoactive agent) having been removed.

Because of their involvement in the cultivation process, Medterra controls the timing of their harvest as well as the amount of pesticide that gets used along the way. Both of those are critical factors in the quality of oil that comes out of it, compared to other companies that have little control when it comes to the growing process.

In addition to selling high-end CBD oil, Medterra offers a much broader range of products. They also sell capsules, topicals, and even pet treats for a greater selection.

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What Is Arthritis?

While we know that arthritis is one of the most common reasons behind disability in the United States, that doesn’t really explain what it is. In short, it is a condition that causes inflammation and pain in joints. It can even result in severe swelling or loss of function in those joints.

Before we can understand how to treat arthritis, it helps to know the two different types of arthritis: rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis. The more common of the two, this type of arthritis is actually an autoimmune disease. That means that the painful inflammation comes from the body’s immune system. White blood cells, by mistake, attack the joint tissue in our bodies, destroying it and causing a wave of inflammatory processes.

Rheumatoid arthritis can have an impact on any joint, though it tends to be most prevalent in the larger joints in the body such as hips, elbows, knees, and knuckles. Joints can swell up, feel sore, and even feel hot when an attack occurs.

Osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis emanates from physical wear and tear or trauma to the body instead of originating from the immune system. Older people and athletes are more commonly impacted by this form of arthritis. It starts with a lower-grade inflammation at first, developing worsening pain, reduced mobility, and inflammation as the joint tissues take more damage. Osteoarthritis is degenerative, meaning it gets worse with time.

How CBD Oil Can Help with Arthritis

Hemp plants actually serve a wide array of uses. One of the most notable active ingredients within the hemp plant is CBD. Contrary to uninformed belief, CBD does not have a psychoactive agent to it. It is that agent that produces the high that we think of when talking about marijuana.

When the CBD gets into the bloodstream, it works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. That system is a network of neurochemicals that are responsible for controlling several functions within the body at large.

Since the endocannabinoid system controls things such as immune response, pain perception, memory, hunger, mood, inflammation, temperature control, fertility, and a ton of other things, the CBD can help control those responses.

As stated in We Be High’s article, CBD has become such an effective tool because it helps to manage the pain that has become so prevalent with arthritis. Even better, CBD has virtually no side effects like some of the other treatment methods out there.

Where to Find High-Grade CBD Oil?

One of the most common questions that newcomers to the CBD oil world have is where to buy it. For the most part, it can be found online. And why not? Shopping online is quick, easy, and convenient. The goal, however, is to ensure that the best quality CBD oil is being purchased.

When in doubt, check out the company websites. They will offer their own brand of CBD oil and should have reviews easily available around the web. There are also reputable third-party websites that offer products from a wide selection of vendors.

When purchasing online, make sure to do your homework. Read reviews and make sure that the websites that you are visiting are legitimate. There are plenty of fake websites out there looking to scam a few bucks, though they can usually be easily dispelled.

Will I Get High Using CBD Oil?

For those who are not familiar with CBD products, the most common question that they have is whether or not the products give you a “high,” similar to that of marijuana. Keep in mind that CBD oil does not come from marijuana, it is an extract of hemp plants.

That is because there is a psychoactive agent within marijuana known as THC. The vast majority of reputable CBD oil products on the market contain very minimal traces of THC if any at all. To put it into perspective, medical-grade marijuana has between 10% and 20% THC content while full-spectrum CBD has less than 0.3% THC. Broad-spectrum CBD, meanwhile, has no THC at all.

Where to Start with CBD Oil

Those totally new to CBD products may not know where to start. It can take some time and consistent use to find out which flavors and potency are the best for your individual situation.

That said, starting with a lower potency is a good place to start. It will give you a good indication of just how well you do with that product while giving you familiarity as well. Furthermore, go with a less expensive product to start. This way, if you don’t like the feeling or flavor, you aren’t out a great deal.

Starting slow and inexpensive allows for newcomers to get familiar with the products and potency. From there, it is just a matter of finding those flavors and potency that work best for your individual needs.


Though there are six worthwhile options listed above, you may be looking for a definitive winner. For quality and selection, Royal CBD is probably the best choice out there. After all, not everyone requires the same potency and may also want to try different flavors or implementations.

No matter which product is chosen, there can be peace of mind in knowing that each is stringently tested for quality assurance. At the end of the day, each of these products offers their own benefits, though the full-spectrum CBD oil products tend to have the most comprehensive benefits.