62 Tips To Refresh Your Home

not interested don't ask me againImage: SWITCHOVER STUDIOBring new joy to your home – we’ve got the ultimate guide to turn old into gold in this feature from GoodHomes1 Bring any room to life with plants. Adding greenery to the interiors instantly induces freshness, injects colour into the space, and makes it relaxing. The visual impact of verdant greens enlivens the room and helps in regulating temperature.2 Refresh your walls with a new coat or shade of paint to make them look new. Complementary colours can make rooms look dynamic and alive, while going with a neutral, all-white scheme results in an expansive-looking space and affords you the luxury of adding colour at will as accents and accessories.3 Use mirrors instead of laminates on your cupboards. This will create an illusion of a larger space and brighten up the room. This also eliminates the need for a full vanity, thereby reducing the amount of furniture in the room.Image: SURPRISE HOME LINEN4 Increase the amount of daylight streaming into your home by enhancing windows or installing skylights where possible. These will also help in ventilation, and make the house appear more spacious.5 Introducing comfortable and soothing bedspreads is a must when redecorating. Refurbishing is not just about changing the layout of your space; small tweaks such as this one can make your bedroom cosier while giving it a clean and new look.

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6 Turn an unused bar cart into a side table to bring an eclectic touch to your bedroom. Use it to place an alarm, your phone, a few photo frames and books. Its ease of movement around the space is a plus point too.

Image: CAROL ROBINSON AT WALLSAUCE.COM7 Use removable wallpapers if you want to frequently change the look and feel of your home. These come in a range of colours and designs and can be changed easily. So go ahead, play with solid hues, patterns and textures for your dream home.8 Replace old rugs with new ones to revive your floors. If your carpet is damaged, get it repaired or buy a new one. You can choose from various types such as antique Persian or patterned dhurries. Alternatively, just leave the floor bare.9 Update your cushions, not just in terms of colours and motifs, but also shapes. Why not mix in some round ones with the usual squares and rectangles? Play with different sizes too. While you can always pile them on your sofa, add them to your bedroom as well, and see the plush quotient of your snooze haven grow.10 Install innovative lamps and fixtures that reflect your aesthetic and style. Buffet, arc floor lamps or minimalistic wall sconces will instantly breathe life into staid corners.11 Accessories can make or break your interiors. Replacing, polishing and cleaning them is one of the quickest ways to give your home a new look. These can be small trinkets you’ve inherited, flea-market finds and travel souvenirs. Just ensure the ones you highlight match the existing decor theme in your house.


62 Tips To Refresh Your Home

12 Declutter your room and organise your things for a clean and streamlined look. This comes with the added benefit of reducing anxiety and making you feel relaxed. Remember to place things you use daily in a way that they’re easily accessible, so you don’t have to rifle through everything when you want to use them.13 Do a deep clean of your house, even if it means moving a few pieces around. Rearranging furniture is the easiest wayto refresh your home. This will also make you rethink the layout of your house for better space allocation.14 Curtains play a critical role while refurbishing your home. For best results, make sure you clean them regularly or change them occasionally to get a new look. Blinds, black-outs and sheers are some of the types of window treatments you can use. These can be in complementing tones or contrast with the colour scheme of your room.Image: PROJECT BY GREG NATALE15 For a bold decor statement, pair a black accent wall with jewel-toned accessories. Strong colours, when paired with the right furniture and accents, can go a long way in creating a unique, signature look for the home. This combination works for the bathroom as well.

Image: I DESIGN STUDIO16 Replace old drawer handles and pulls with new, decorative ones. If you don’t want to change the look of your home in a big way, these small details can contribute. You can paint the handles as well to suit the overall style of the room.Image: COVET NYC17 Repurpose and upcycle empty closet spaces. If not in use, think about converting one into a home office by placing a desk and chair of within, or utilising it as a kids’ study or play area.18 Paint your ceiling a warm shade of grey, and pair it with bright bedding. This will make your bedroom look balanced and bigger. Introduce accents in vivid tones such as orange to inject a pop of colour.


19 Try a two-tone wall with a dark colour at the bottom and a lighter shade on top This will give a subtle dimension to the space. The lighter hue will help open up the room, while the darker shade gives it more depth.

Image: CREATIVE TOPS20 Replace your glassware with crystal. Crystalware has been a favourite addition to dinner tables forever. It’s usually reserved for special occasions; why not make it a staple and celebrate every day? Get yourself a collection you can really like, and commit to living your best life in the now.Image: BRABBU DESIGN FORCES21 Put up your favourite artwork in the dining room to give it a splash of colour. Not only will it help fill up empty walls, it will also serve as a conversation starter. If you’re looking for new wall decor, don’t stop your search at just oils on canvas; bring in movie posters, graphic prints or even macrame wall ecorations to amp up your meal space.22 Install drawer separators in your kitchen storage. This will ensure everything has its designated space. Keeping cutlery and small jars organised will also help ease your meal prep and cooking process, saving you from the hassle of rearranging.


23 Give your kitchen a new lease on life by upgrading your cabinets. If you’re feeling adventurous, paint each a different colour; if not, choose a shade you like.

Image: GOOD EARTH24 Replace a large square or rectangular dining table with a round one. It takes up less space, has more surface area on on which to place things, and can accommodate more people with ease. Cover it with a tablecloth to make it last longer.25 Opt for a black and white or grey colour scheme in the bathroom. You can pair this with distressed furniture and golden accents and fixtures. Make sure you bring in plants, a few fresh towels, and bath mats as well.Image: TIKAMOON26 Replace your standalone sink with a vanity. Vanities come in a range of styles, offer more utility and storage space, and are easy to clean and maintain.27 Create a visual demarcation in your bathroom by building a shower cubicle. If this is not possible, hang a shower curtain. This is one way in which you can also introduce colour into this space. Look for fun comic and graphic prints that will inject a playful element into the bathroom.Image: PROJECT BY SHIMONA BHANSALIImage: Nina RicciImage: PROJECT BY SAPANA JAIN28 Update light fixtures, sink faucets, towel racks and drawers. These are minor investments that will go a long way in giving your bathroom an upgraded look.29 Replace old switchboards with new ones. When it comes to safety, there should not be any compromises. Make sure any loose connections are taken care of. For a congruous space, select switchboards that match the colours of your bathroom.30 Invest in a feature-rich shower nozzle. From ones with LED lights and Bluetooth speakers to ones with temperature control and a rain-style experience, there are several options on offer, and the possibilities for a spa-like bathing experience every day are endless.Image: PIXERS WALLPAPER31 Uplift boring corners by playing with surface finishes. There’s a trend that revels in the imperfections of exposed wall treatments. Are you brave enough?32 God is in the details, so opt for soft furnishings with a highly tactile design. Think tassels, tiebacks, Chesterfield designs, etc. These small elements lend sass to your space.33 Here’s a smart trick to train the eye away from problem spots. Bright, graphic prints command the attention of all those who enter. By introducing vivid prints, you can draw attention towards the more styled spaces of your home, and away from areas that are a work in progress.Image: S.T UNICOM34 Change up the upholstery of your favourite chair to give it a fresh lease of life. Mix and match fabric, textures and patterns to create a canvas of art. It’s a fun project that would require a fair bit of planning, but the outcome guarantees a statement piece that is unique to your home.Image: ALTUS INTERIO35 Rotate and flip your mattress to prevent uneven wear. Sagging mattresses can make your space look dull and affect the quality of your sleep. Giving your mattress proper care and turning it over from time to time can help keep it new and comfortable to sleep on.36 If point 35 comes in too late, invest in a good-quality mattress. Visit the store rather than buying it online and check for firmness according to your body type. Lie down on it if necessary for a proper check.37 Update the style of your bedroom with an oversized headboard. If a ceiling-to-floor option is not your style, a sedate rectangular design would work just as well. Play with finishes, materials and patterns for a look that blends in.image: SHADES OF INDIA38 ‘Bling’ and ‘bedroom’ might not seem the ideal combination, but a pair of sequinned cushions or a gilded lamp or a chairin gold leaf detailing might be what makes this space fit for royalty.39 A fuzzy rug in the bedroom will give this private space an instant cosy update, and give your feet a gentle start in the morning. The fuzzier the better, we say!Image: ADDRESS HOME40 Pendant lights are such a fabulous and versatile design element. Install a dramatic fixture right at the entrance to give your guests a hint of what your interiors might look like. If you’re feeling especially rebellious, go with something drastically different from your interiors that experiments with scale, design and finish!41 Aromatherapy candles are a crowd favourite when it comes to setting a mood without much fuss. Made with essential oils, these waxy wonders have therapeutic properties, too. Place them in corners of the main rooms, and keep them lit for an hour or two a day. Play with holders for a stylish effect.PHOTOGRAPH BY BINISHA AJMERA42 Fairy lights lend a magical air to a space and can make a big difference. Really, you can’t overdo them. Create a shape, drape them organically, or put them in glass containers.Image: NORSU INTERIORS43 Once artworks are hanging in a particular part of the house, we rarely move them. Doing just that could instantly change the style of your home. If you’d rather not do a dramatic shuffle, just update the frames with different designs, finishes or materials for a “have-you-done-something-different?” reaction.44 Create a gallery wall with photographs or artworks that share a common thread. It could be anything really, right from the city skyline, flowers, or the silhouette of a woman – consistency is everything with this trick. Simple frames of various sizes will help make the wall look less monotonous.45 As scary as this might sound, strip your chair or sofa of excess upholstery and let the frame beneath shine. And, if that frame is made of solid wood, even better.46 Mirrors make a room look expansive and introduce an element of depth. This wonderful trick is perfect if you live in a compact home orif you wish to create a smart layout. Place a mirror near the window to bounce natural light through your interiors, making them look airy and expansive.Image: WILLOW HALL47 Revive a dated fireplace, if you’re lucky enough to have one, with the clever placement of accessories and curios. Play with the scale of these pieces to create a space that remains stylish, one to sit around even when the fire’s not lit.48 Which is your favourite corner to retire to? Now that you have that area in mind, imagine a daybed with a throw, cushions, your favourite book to read, and a side table to place your mug on. Didn’t we just describe heaven?Image: KUNAL BARVE49 If you’re lucky enough to have a staircase in the main living area, there’s so much you could do for an instant update. Think a cascading light fixture in an empty space, greens placed along its length, a water body for some good Vastu – the sky’s the limit!50 Create a secret nook or introduce a chest of drawers as a storage solution under the staircase. Space to stow things away is very important in any home, and clever tricks like this will help you make use of readily-available areas to prevent cluttering in the main rooms.Image: PHOTOLINI - CJ QUADRAT GMBH51 We’ve seen some stunning photo walls that take up pride of place in homes. Dedicate an otherwise bare wall to celebrate those numerous memories that capture different generations and freeze happy oments. It will be your very own large-scale family and friends album…Image: Shutterstock52 Decide to rejuvenate your balcony. However big or small it is, there’s always scope to max out its potential.53 Balconies and plants – a match made in heaven. Hanging pots, trellis and vertical gardens, even stands of greenery all elevate the space and make it a haven. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t need to overcrowd the space – even four or five pots of lush greens will do the trick.54 Make it personal. Group pieces of pottery, lamps, paintings that are dear to you and let your personality show.55 Pay special attention to the seating – you want to make this a space to relax and make the most of your (large) window out to the world.

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56 Choose furniture made for the outdoors. In these days of climate change, you never know when an unseasonal shower will wet all your curated balcony furniture.

Image: Shutterstock57 Keep it white and light. White brings a touch of Zen to your balcony and further enhances the serenity brought in by your plants.58 Add a touch of desi design. Ethnic seating (or even just cushion covers) can bring a unique touch to your space. Diyas floating in a copper urli add to the overall vibe.Image: Shutterstock59 Consider the floor as well. Many balconies come with wooden decking, but this might not be practical. Try a distinctive tile pattern that sets the balcony apart.60 Don’t forget the ceiling. If you want to add some design oomph to your balcony space, consider adding rafters – faux or otherwise – to the ceiling.61 Bring in the lighting you like – whether that is fairy lights or mood lighting. Adding dimmers to the set-up will help you adjust the ambience to the occasion.62 Keep privacy in mind. If you would like a degree of privacy from your neighbours in the next balcony, consider putting up a trellis to create some separation. Ensure that it does not contravene your building rules.Also see: 62 cool food ideas you need in your lifeSubscribe to our YouTube channel Next Story : 12 Décor Picks To Set The Festive Mood Right