4 Benefits Of Day Porter Services

Contributed by Servi-Tek Facility Solutions

A day porter service usually operates during the workday for those concerned with maintaining professional appearances. Unlike basic commercial janitorial services that might perform services after business hours, day porters work when the facility is occupied.

The day porter is an important element of the office maintenance crew. They improve the image of your company. When your office is attractive, staff are more productive, and visitors are more likely to return.

Although janitorial services are excellent for deep cleaning, they are not always available. It is impractical to hire a professional crew to replace a light bulb or clean up the mud.

This is when you’ll require the services of a day porter. They fill in the gaps between commercial cleaning services, keeping your office spotless until the professionals arrive.

A good day porter service will adhere to the plans established by the facility manager, building owner, or operations professional. In most cases, a day porter will have both responsibilities for routine daily tasks and responding to unforeseen situations.

In addition to cleaning, they can be involved in identifying property or equipment that requires repair. They often will work in pairs when operating in larger environments, particularly in mixed-use structures or other multi-functional physical settings.

Four specific benefits of day porters include:

1. Security Services

Porters are among those that contribute to a building’s safety and security in various ways. They often arrive at the facility before regular business hours begin and will disarm the security system.

A porter will generally conduct an initial walk-through of the facility to detect any problems as they unlock doors, and often, will be assigned visitor control, such as checking in building entrants. Various security-related issues might arise during a day porter’s shift such as identifying any attempts at forced entry after-hours. In some cases, a porter might identify and report concerns related to vandalism including broken windows or graffiti.

4 Benefits Of Day Porter Services

Although not specifically responsible for enforcement of security at a facility, a day porter might be an effective deterrent. For example, when making a daily tour of the building’s exterior, a porter can prompt loitering kids to move elsewhere.

2. Facilities Services

Having a day porter on staff is a tremendous benefit based on the concerns associated with the COVID-19 disinfection practices. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have implemented a series of updated guidelines that are widely adopted.

One of these leading concerns involves disinfection of high-traffic or “high touch” surfaces in workplace environments. The CDC recommends cleaning objects located in lobby and reception areas such as counters, door handles, and elevator buttons more frequently. Other objects that a day porter might disinfect one or more times each day include handrails, phones, and light switches. Disinfection should be completed using an EPA-approved product that has proven effective at killing viruses and bacteria.

Another major area of focus for day porters is restrooms, particularly those that have many visitors throughout the day. Aside from preventing the spread of illness, failing to maintain restrooms can hinder an organization’s image. Some of the key cleaning tasks involve sinks, counters, toilets, mirrors, and other surfaces and objects. Restrooms also need to have their supplies restocked including paper products and soaps.

3. Information Services

Day porters are highly adaptable and facility managers appreciate having a competent staff member available to respond. For example, in cases where heavy rains, snow, or ice has developed that may pose safety concerns near entryways.

A day porter can be available for quickly responding to unforeseen problems that result in taking temporary protective measures. An example includes a sudden roof leak that has developed that requires restricting traffic in the area while maintenance is performed.

4. Technical Services

A day porter can be a great benefit when performing a variety of technical tasks. How exactly?

Large commercial facilities often have costly equipment pieces that are deemed as capital assets that need types regular inspection and maintenance. Although many day porters will lack the training necessary to perform complex maintenance, they can identify potential repair needs.

They might be assigned with responsibility for checking the interior and exterior lighting and replacing bulbs when necessary. In addition to routine and preventative tasks, porters are valuable when special projects or events are held at the facility.

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