29 Best Shaving Creams for Men of 2022

Shaving can be hazardous without the correct products to meet your standards or facial needs. Nobody wants nicks, cuts, or razor bumps on display to the world. We want to assist you in putting your best face forward by helping you find a shaving cream formulated for your skin.

Consider what is best for your skin. Do you need a cream made for men with dry or sensitive skin? Do you want only vegan, all-natural ingredients? Do you desire a gel or a new, fun shaving ritual? Start by writing these grooming needs down, or just make a quick, mental note.

Don’t be alarmed by the sheer number of shaving cream options you have. This is exactly why we’ve invested our time and care into finding the 29 best shaving creams for men of 2022. Happy shaving, lads.

Blu Atlas has become this year's champion for men’s skincare and grooming products. It’s easy to understand why their shaving cream is one of the best shaving creams for men of 2022. Their all-natural, vegan, fragrance-free grooming options are made for modern men, especially men who care about their bodies, environment, and wallet.

Blu Atlas’s Shave Cream brings a salon-quality experience to your bathroom. You don’t have to spend extra money at the barbershop to get the beard you love. Blu Atlas’s botanical-based all-natural formula introduces only the highest-quality ingredients to your skin.

The formula blends coco-caprylate and vitamin E to moisturize skin while reducing signs of aging. Honestly, we recommend this product for all men, especially those who care about their bodies.

We know you’re not surprised that Kiehl’s won a second-place finish. This shave gel comes highly recommended by men who like to experience a water-free, lather-free shave. That’s what makes it perfect for your next trip or extended family vacation. Just pop it in your bag, and you can use it wherever you find a mirror.

Their unique gel formula brings together all-natural ingredients your skin will thank you for. They blend eucalyptus oil for its scent and skin-tingling effects with vitamin E oil and kukui nut oil to leave skin fully hydrated.

We all love a good Jack Black product, and this shaving option is no different. Don’t be grossed out by the name, though. It is a clear liquid that allows you to see the area you want to groom, which means you can get an accurate, precise shave.

Jack Black wanted to create an all-in-one beard grooming product, so you don’t have to purchase three separate products and spend three times as much money. Their solution: Beard Lube Conditioning Shave. Its formula is a pre-shave oil, shave cream, and conditioning after-shave.

How do they achieve this revolutionary product? With all-natural, revolutionary ingredients, of course. An artistic blend of macadamia nut oil, glycerin, heather, phospholipids, menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus come together to deliver this all-in-one grooming product.

We recommend this to men looking for an all-in-one combination product of pre-shave, shave gel, and after-shave.

Bevel is a high-quality men's shaving and grooming line. They are the leading company when it comes to manufacturing products for men of color. They realize that not all hair and skin are the same and set out to make a shaving cream for every man. Their cream is made for those with coarse and curly hair in mind, so it really is for every guy.

Their lathering formula uses some top-shelf ingredients. They bring together aloe vera, shea butter, and comfrey extract for a profoundly moisturizing lather. The addition of white tea makes it a luxurious experience for your skin. We recommend this product to men who have tried a million other products, and they just don’t work for you and your skin. This is your final stop on the train of never-ending grooming product experimentation!

Malin + Goetz offers a smooth shave and ultimate hydrating finish with vitamin E. This standout brand loves creating products for men that are both efficient and luxurious. Their products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and free from fake dyes, making it a fantastic option for anyone with sensitive skin.

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, it’s one of the best men's shaving creams if you’d like a combination of shaving cream and moisturizer. This shaving cream is non-foaming and will leave your skin moisturized.

What’s in this combination product, then? Their formula uses the best natural ingredients, with squalane and shea butter to moisturize, glycerin to hydrate, and chamomile extract with allantoin to soothe and calm.

We love this shaving cream for its killer combo of shaving product and lightweight moisturizer.

Cremo has the perfect bottle if you desire a cooling, refreshing shave cream. Their incredibly affordable grooming products mean you can buy all the products you want within an affordable budget. This bottle has up to 90 days worth of shaving liquid, so you won’t have to purchase it every month.

The refreshing peppermint and menthol deliver a cooling and tingling sensation to the skin. The minty ingredients also pair perfectly with tea tree oil to really make your skin feel alive. Their cream aims to cut down on razor burn and common irritants that most shaving products carry.

We are happy to introduce a top-tier shaving product for men who want the best all-natural, plant-based shaving cream. Pacific Shaving Company is proud to manufacture products that provide men with only the best shaving products.

This Natural Shaving Cream bottle may appear small -at only 3.4 ounces-but the company states this product should last up to 100 shaves if appropriately applied. When applying this low-lathering shaving cream, you don’t need to overapply. Use a small amount to cover the shaving area, and you will get an incredibly close shave.

Their vegan, cruelty-free skin-loving formula uses an array of gentle, natural botanicals to give you the best shave possible. The aloe extract and shea butter will refresh and hydrate your skin.

We get it. Sometimes foam feels weird on your skin. It’s a wet, slimy, bubbly substance. Shave Anthony Gel is an excellent option. Its transparent gel liquid means you can shave precisely where you want it.

They use a unique blend of rosemary, aloe Vera, eucalyptus, and corn mint to deliver your smooth shave. We recommend Anthony’s Shave Gel if you want a high-quality gel-based product.

Honestly, the main selling point is the look and feel of Harry’s Shave Gel. The gorgeous prehistoric mammoth printed on the label doesn’t hurt either. This large green bottle is here to help you have a smooth, easy shave and avoid the annoyances of razor burn, bumps, and nicks. It dispenses as a gel but rapidly transforms into a richly lathering foam, exactly what you want for your shave.

Because Harry’s cares about your skin, they only include natural ingredients that will transform your shaving ritual. The formula contains hyaluronic acid for deep moisture with aloe and cucumber to keep your skin fresh. We recommend this gel for anyone looking to try something fun and new.

The Art of Shaving, as you can tell by their name, this company wants to offer an entire shaving routine that is a relaxing grooming ritual. Shaving is an art form, and it’s best to use products that reflect that. Their range of men’s grooming products also includes products you can use before and after shaving, with beard oil or after-shave balm. There is no need to hunt for days for the perfect grooming brand, The Art of Shaving is here to help.

Men love the Sandalwood Shave Cream for its incredible smell and richly lathering foam. The formula is alcohol-free and free of synthetic dyes, making it the perfect option for sensitive or dry skin men.

Live life on the luxurious side with Claus Porto’s signature shaving cream and enjoy life. Luxury grooming products aren’t always worth the cash, but we know this shaving cream is well worth it. The retro-looking tube provides a close shave with the best ingredients available.

You only need to apply a small amount to lather and cover the shaving area fully. Claus Porto’s formula combines moisturizing ingredients lanolin, coconut oil, and jojoba oil to provide a richly nourishing shave.

Treat yourself with one of the best shaving creams available. We recommend this perfectly scented shaving cream for those looking for luxury and a decadent scent.

Shea Moisture has seriously thick shaving butter for a seriously smooth shave. This shaving buttercream is here to protect, hydrate, and soothe the skin, while its easy-glide formula gives you the close shave you want. We love it because the thick cream is still oh so easy to clean off, and it’s often hard to find high-quality shaving butter.

Why are most products shaving creams or gels instead of shaving butter? Many men love to use gently foaming options that don’t lay on the skin as thickly as shave butter. We recommend this for men who want a thick layer of protection and seriously moisturizing formula.

A smooth, clean shave doesn’t have to be complicated. Marlowe’s No. 141 Shave Cream delivers simple results with customer-centric grooming products. Their custom product is a conditioning shaving cream that uses the finest ingredients to provide a quality shave.

Their grooming products are made in the United States as they want only the best for their customers. Their grooming line is always paraben and phthalate-free and never tested on animals. Marlowe’s recipe uses coconut oil and shea butter to deeply moisturize the skin and willow-bark extract to keep skin free from irritants.

Clarins doesn’t overcomplicate the shaving process. Their Smooth Shave shave gel is an easy-to-apply gel that lathers to a richly foaming grooming product. Men love this bottle for its light, rich, and creamy feel that helps facilitate their close shave.

We recommend this product for men who are tired of looking for the “perfect” shave cream option and want a richly foaming formula.

Bravo Sierra’s Shaving Foam is a truly unique option on the list of best men's shaving creams. They formulate one of the first foam to cream formulas.

Bravo Sierra made this shaving cream to help men shave even when they don’t have access to water. Infused with aloe vera and other natural ingredients, they want to deliver an irritant-free shave for everyone. We recommend this product for men looking for a new and unique shaving experience. Bravo Sierra won’t disappoint.

29 Best Shaving Creams for Men of 2022

Supply is committed to providing men with the best ingredients and keeping all harmful chemicals out. Their cream focuses on including ingredients that you find in nature and are all plant-based. We also love their 100-day trial. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase and it’s within 30 days, you can simply return it!

The formula uses shea butter as a grease-free moisturizer and jojoba oil as an antibacterial and moisturizer. You only need one small fingertip's worth of product to work it into a lather and get shaving! We recommend Supply to men who love all-natural ingredients and want to keep their skin healthy.

Have you been searching for a men’s classic shaving cream? Prosaro has been producing high-quality shaving products for more than 70 years. The company has spent time and money manufacturing the best shaving products for men.

Proraso recommends using their product with a straight razor, as the cream can be extra thick. You’ll love the thick shaving cream, though. Its thickness will create a better protection layer from razor bumps, nicks, and cuts.

Their ingredients are beneficial to your skin. This shaving cream has a blend of coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, and glycerin to give you that close shave. Even better, it’s incredibly affordable!

A smooth, irritant-free shave doesn't have to be complicated. Gen2 wants to help men avoid razor burn, nicks, and cuts and get a refreshing clean shave. All you need is a dime-sized amount of product which you’ll work into a lather, and you’re ready to shave. We love how easy and clear it is to use this product.

Their formula uses a blend of all-natural ingredients and oils to take care of your skin before and after a shave. We recommend the shaving lather to men who want an easy, smooth shaving process.

Edge makes iconic shaving creams and grooming products and is one of America's classic shaving gels.We know you’ve seen this classic orange-capped product at the grocery store or in your parent's bathroom. Why do so many men use Edge shaving products? Well, quite simply, they work!

We recommend the Edge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel as it has more natural ingredients and less harmful chemicals! This product also includes aloe, which helps protect the skin and keep it moisturized. We also really love the price tag, making it accessible to everyone.

This Aloe Shave Gel is here to bring back moisture and hydration to your shaving routine. Frederick Benjamin uses a blend of witch hazel and aloe vera to moisturize and soothe inflammation during your shaving routine. This gel offers a fun, citrus scent and no foam to level up your grooming ritual. We recommend Frederick Benjamin’s Hydro-Glaze Cooling Aloe Shave Gel for men wanting a clear shaving product with a cooling option.

The department store fan favorite, Clinique Cream Shave, is an above-average formulation for men. Clinique has been around for decades producing their high-quality products. Their cream shave is the perfect example of a simple shaving bottle that creates an easy shaving routine.

You simply need to use a small amount of product, and it will richly lather and cover the desired area.We love it because it’s a luxurious and straightforward shaving cream!

There is no shame in being bald and maintaining a perfectly groomed head. Bee Bald’s Premium Shave Cream is for any man looking for a perfectly smooth shave, especially on the top of their head. Shaving your head can be tricky, and Bee Bald wants to make it a bit easier.

How is this product different from an ordinary shaving cream? They formulate the cream with pollen extract and goji berry to provide a refreshing, smooth shave. Bee Bald recommends using a quarter-sized amount of product and fully slathering it on your head -or face- then shaving with the grain and hair growth. You can then shave in a cross-grain pattern to get the truly squeaky clean bald feeling if you like that, of course.

Acqua di Parma’s tube of shaving cream screams opulence and luxury, which is exactly what it provides. This rich shaving cream is a thick and creamy product that creates a barrier between your skin and your razor.

The luxurious formula uses lemon oil, basil extract, hyaluronic acid, and pomegranate seed oil to offer your skin-rich, moisturizing benefits. We recommend this product for men looking to escape the regular bland shave creams and who want to try a luxurious option.

An old-school shave using new natural ingredients that brings you an irritant-free shave. Triumph & Disaster brings modern men the age-old shaving ritual with their classic tin of shaving cream. They combine lanolin and other natural oils and extracts to ensure a high-quality shave.

Each classic jar comes with more than 100 shaves (if appropriately applied). We recommend the Old Fashioned Shave Cream for men who want to create a rewarding grooming ritual.

25. Paul Mitchell MVRCK Blade Slip

For anyone that needs to shape and groom with precise lines, MVRCK is your answer. Paul Mitchell wanted to create a clear shaving cream that helps men receive salon-quality precision from the comfort of their homes. With their clear gel, you can see exactly what you are shaving and maintain your beautiful hair shape and lines. Blade Slip is a non-frothing liquid and will apply lightweight and smoothly to the skin.

A paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan formula is suitable for every skin type, and you have the yummy aroma of agave citrus to look forward to. We recommend this for men who regularly maintain, groom, and trim their beard shape.

Aveeno products are some of the best for men with dry or sensitive skin. Their Positively Smooth Shaving Gel is the perfect unisex shaving product to keep stored in your guest bath or shower. It’s ideal for men and women for various shaving needs, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work wonders for your face.

Their formula uses superior ingredients to bring men a close shave. They bring together a blend of soy, aloe, and vitamin E for hydrated and happy skin.

Aveeno is a high-quality option that fits every budget. Their extremely affordable Therapeutic Shave Gel is the perfect option to add to your shaving routine. They recommend using it only every other day. This shaving gel is formulated to prevent irritation and help men with razor burn issues.

Aveeno has blended a soft, effective formula with vitamin E, glycerin, and oatmeal to help treat skin to a perfect shave. They also add aloe vera to give skin the hydration it desires. We love this product for men with dry, sensitive, or easily irritated skin. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank to get one of the best shaving creams for men of 2022.

Gilette hit the ball out of the park with their new environmentally friendly shave cream. It’s a product of apparent hard work and thinking to create a sustainable shave option for the future. The 100% recyclable aluminum jar carries the heavyweight of sustainability. We recommend this shave cream for men who want a sustainable shaving product.

We love finding high-quality grooming products that won’t leave your wallet empty. Nivea has a drugstore shaving gel that produces salon-quality results. Nivea focuses on including the essential ingredients that can help you get a good shave and leaves out the ingredients that may cause reactions or stress out skin, such as alcohol or dyes. It is a thickly lathering product that gives the classic shaving feel.

Nivea Men’s Sensitive Shave Gel’s ingredient list rocks, considering they are a drugstore staple. Nivea blends chamomile extract and witch hazel to calm down stressed skin and cut down on irritation. The vitamin E also locks in moisture to ensure refreshed skin.

Why do I need shaving cream, and what are the benefits?

We use shaving creams to lessen side effects and avoid razor bumps, nicks, and cuts. Shaving creams can add an extra layer of protection and even help hydrate the skin before and after use.

Ingredients you want in shaving cream

If you want the best shave possible, you’ll need to target a shaving cream based on your skin needs. What does this mean? Each skin type (dry, sensitive, combination, and oily/acne-prone) will have different target ingredients that help you experience the best shave possible.

Surfactants produce the rich lather that people enjoy, like stearic acid and triethanolamine.

Humectants will keep moisture locked into the skin, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

Emollients, like coconut oil, will keep soft and deeply hydrated.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, it’s wise to be cautious about ingredients in your shaving cream. You want to avoid options with harmful chemicals that contain irritants, especially if you put a razor on your face and skin, exposing it even more. Aim for paraben-free, sulfate-free, and fragrance-free formulas.

You’ll want to look out for and purchase a cream with all-natural ingredients. All-natural ingredients will naturally soothe the skin without causing unwanted reactions. Aloe vera and willow herb extract are two high-quality ingredients to look for with sensitive skin in mind.

How to shave using shaving cream

If you want to experience a close, effective shave, there are many tips and tricks you can add to your routine.

Check your blades to ensure they are sharp. This step is crucial, so please don’t skip it! Sharp blades ensure a closer shave, and you’re less likely to suffer from nicks and cuts! If your blade is dull, swap it out for a fresh blade.

Depending on your shaving product and skin type, you may want to take a few extra steps to ensure your skin is fresh and hydrated skin after shaving.

If you have dry skin, you might want to use an aftershave lotion or balm to seal in moisture. You might like to add a gentle, all-natural cream to provide an extra skin barrier for those with sensitive skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answer, both are great. Less simple answer, the most significant difference between a gel and a cream is how it will feel on your skin and whether or not you want to see where you are shaving.

Shaving gel is lightweight and transparent, so you can see what you are shaving. You might shave more quickly with a gel. Shaving cream is foamy and light on the skin. It’s easy to apply and wash off.

Of course but shaving creams for women are formulated to treat different hair growth and shaving patterns. Most formulations are, for example, for shaving of the legs rather than the face. There may be a difference in ingredients and scent. But if a shaving cream marketed to women works perfectly for you, then by golly, you should use it!

Yes, it does! If your shaving cream is open, it should last between 6 months to 12 months. If y

our product is unopened, it can last for up to two years. Look on the bottle for a small expiration date to check your specific product's expiration date. It should include numbers and may have a “y” for years and “m” for months on its label.