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If you suffer from knee pain or discomfort, you may choose to wear a knee brace. A knee brace helps support sore or injured knees, offering protection, pain relief, and a bit of stability. If you are recovering from surgery or an injury, you may be told to wear a knee brace by your provider. There are also those that wear a knee brace to ensure they do not become injured, as a means of preventative holistic health.

When you shop for a knee brace, you may find the wide range of options to be overwhelming. With various features and different looks, it might seem stressful to know which one to pick. That being said, there are some factors that contribute to the best knee brace for you distinctly- and that help narrow down the field. Perhaps the most telling aspect of buying a knee brace is why you are wearing it- as this can tease out the best options for your health and wellness goals.

So, why are you going to wear a knee brace? That makes a difference in the right one to choose. If you are a senior living with arthritic knees or an athlete recovering from a surgical procedure, there is a knee brace that makes sense for you. Different features and highlights are offered with each knee brace, making them more viable and suited to certain buyers. Why do you plan to wear a knee brace? The most common reasons to wear a knee brace include the following:

Perhaps the most popular reason to wear a knee brace is because your doctor or physician instructs you to wear one following an injury to your knee. A knee brace or other orthopedic recovery device is par for the course when you sprain or traumatize the knee. In some cases, you may only wear the brace for a week; for serious injury, you could wear it for months.

A brace worn to recover after an injury is considered to be a rehabilitative knee brace. These types of braces help support the weight on your knees when you get up, sit down, or walk. A rehabilitative knee brace allows you to be mobile but reduces the chance that you will overextend and further injure yourself. These types of braces help to protect the knee while it is still injured and tender.

So, imagine that you have since recovered from an injury- what kind of brace would you wear then? After you gain function and recover, you may still want to support a weakened knee with a functional knee brace. Functional knee braces give stability and support to the knees as they heal from injuries, typically within the past six months.

Part of your physical therapy and rehab for a knee injury is going to involve getting up and around to move about. A functional knee brace helps you to do this with more ease, comfort, and security than without one. It serves to decrease the chance of you exacerbating or further injuring your knee.

While these knee braces can provide support and comfort, they also are worn to prevent further injury from occurring while your knee may still be vulnerable. This brace will help you safely regain strength.

A compression brace helps reduce swelling, which may be related to an injury. When the knee is swollen, it will be more painful, which may stall or interfere with progress toward recovery. Compression provides that firm grip and pressure on the afflicted area that helps to improve blood flow and reduce swelling or edema that could be causing pain and limited mobility. Compression can lower inflammation and hasten healing, while making you a whole lot more comfortable, too.

Some compression braces feature a pocket that holds hot or cold packs, depending on your injury. This can also aid in a faster recovery after sustaining an injury to your knee. Imagine the ease and soothing relief that instant heat or cold on your sore knee that a compression brace can provide!

It is reported that over 54 million people in this country suffer from some kind of Arthritis- but the number is estimated to be much, much higher. Ask anyone that lives with this condition and they will tell you that the pain can be unbearable at times. Arthritis afflicts the joints, like wrists, knuckles, feet, and knees- and inflammation can make it worse.

Arthritis pain may be helped with compression, but a better solution may be an unloader brace. An unloader brace relieves the weight and pressure that can aggravate arthritic joints in the knees. The way that an unloader brace works is by taking weight and pressure off the knees- and redistributing and disseminating it across the body.

The result is less stress and strain on your tired and aching knees. This can help you to move more easily with more flexibility- which can also improve blood flow and circulation. All these factors combined create the perfect recipe for treating arthritis pain- and for feeling better fast. If you struggle with arthritis pain in your knees, talk to your practitioner about one of these braces!

Why wait for an accident or injury to protect and preserve your knees. Take care of your knees- they are a key element in mobility and how you get around as you age. Afflictions like osteoporosis, arthritis, and obesity can take a toll on the joints of the knees, causing chronic pain and limited range of motion.

That brings this list to the next group of knee braces and sleeves, which fall into a category of preventative knee braces. These are worn to prevent and reduce the risk of an injury- not to treat an existing one, necessarily. You often see athletes and professional sports figures wearing these to lower the chance that they become injured. You don’t have to be a pro to wear one, however- these are a good idea for anyone who is active and doesn’t want to hurt or injure their knee. Generally, preventative braces are compression type braces that allow for mobility and movement, while providing support when worn. Preventative braces make good sense for holistic health and wellbeing.

The results are in! The top 5 best knee braces according to consumers widely are the following:

Product NameExo Sleeve
Product Features and Highlights
  • Available in 3 different sizes: light, 5 mm, and 7 mm
  • Wide range of color, style, and design options
  • Offers greater stability, more warmth, and improved compression
  • Contoured fit for comfort and support
  • Knee Brace MaterialAntimicrobial neoprene material
    Approximate Cost of Product

    It is only fitting that the Exo Knee Brace be first on the list- particularly since it is one of the highest regarded and reviewed braces on the market. For an exemplary knee compression brace, this is the product to find. The brand has a reputation for being an industry innovator- and the Exo knee brace is no exception. At around $29 for a pair of Exo knee braces, you are getting a deal- as well as years of research and expertise from the company manufacturing them.

    These knee sleeves are offered in three sizes to ensure a good fit, which contributes to improved circulation and blood flow. These sleeves offer enhanced stability, greater compression, and plenty of warmth where you need it most: your knees. If you need a brace that fits like a sleeve, and one that will provide maximum mobility for your everyday life, this could be the product for you! Exo Knee Sleeve is a great option- but keep reading to find out four more options to consider!


    Product NameKnee Hero
    Product Features and Highlights
  • Protects and supports knee joint, kneecap, and meniscus
  • Breathable construction
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Knee Brace MaterialPatented, high-quality medical material
    Approximate Cost of Product

    Knee Hero is a little bit higher- priced than other products that made this list, however consumers agree that it is worth the splurge. Each brace is priced at around $65- but according to buyers, are worth every dime! For starters, the Knee Hero comes with a two-year warranty, which is something not often found.

    The features that set Knee Hero knee braces apart are the protection and support that they offer the knee, meniscus, and kneecap. These braces are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and made from a breathable fabric that has been patented for medical purposes. This keeps you cool and dry the entire time you wear the brace.

    The Knee Hero knee brace can be used for rigorous workouts or just in everyday activities- it will help to protect you from further injuring your knee while keeping you supported and comfortable. If you struggle with knee pain, this can help! It may help to hasten recovery after surgery or injury.

    The fact that this knee brace is available in three distinct sizes ensures a proper fit, which aids in recovery and rehab. It may be priced a little higher, but it is a top-notch product.


    Product NameCompressa
    Product Features and Highlights
  • Compression sleeve and brace all in one
  • Protects knee from further injury
  • Improves circulation
  • Budget friendly
  • Knee Brace MaterialAir knit fabric
    Approximate Cost of Product

    Compressa is aptly named as it provides supportive compression in an easy-to-wear sleeve that allows for optimal mobility. This is a brace and a sleeve- that rare combination of support and comfort that you could wear all day. You will notice less swelling due to the improved blood flow and circulation that Compressa provides.

    This is one of the best -selling braces found, which demonstrates its performance and customer satisfaction. Compressa utilizes German innovation and craftsmanship to create a comfortable and effective compression knee brace that fits like a sleeve. It effectively reduces inflammation, which alleviates pain and stiffness. It also provides the potential for heat and cold therapy, too- making it a great all in one!

    Remember that it is priced a little higher, but that is for three knee braces- which makes it a bargain. The air knit fabric construction is light and airy- making it comfortable and soothing to wear, too.


    The Top 5 Best Knee Braces That Actually Work for Men and Women | The Daily World

    Product NameTheraIce Rx Compression Knee Brace
    Product Features and Highlights
  • Uses heating and cooling and compression to relieve pain
  • Soothes and alleviates pain within minutes
  • Built in gel that warms up and cools down
  • Has earned more than $1 million in sales
  • Knee Brace MaterialPlastic
    Approximate Cost of Product

    The manufacturer of TheraIce Rx Compression Sleeve promises consumers that they can eliminate and alleviate knee pain and discomfort within minutes with this product. It is the cooling sensation and fast soothing relief that does the trick! TheraIce RX is very popular among consumers, perhaps which is how this product has achieved its five-star reviews online. This is one of the more cost-friendly knee braces in this list- at under forty bucks.

    But does it work? Users report that it does work- and that it provides heat and cooling with enough compression to provide stability and support. Wearing TheraIce RX during rigorous workouts, training, or even when walking the dog allows you mobility and freedom, without pain.

    This is one of the products mentioned that features a pouch or pocket, containing a specially designed gel pack that you can warm or freeze, it is up to you. This pack gets replaced in the pouch for contact with your knee that fits snugly and securely. The gel pack is recommended for 15 minute intervals and provides the best of many worlds- heat, cooling, compression- in one easy-to-wear knee brace sleeve.


    Product NameKneeWrap Pro
    Product Features and Highlights
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight compression sleeve
  • Advanced stabilization technology for support
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Knee Brace MaterialNeoprene
    Approximate Cost of Product

    Got knee pain or discomfort? Quick- grab a KneeWrap Pro sleeve! KneeWrap Pro is a compression sleeve product that you can immediately put on for fast relief of knee pain. This is a product that you want nearby- particularly if you work out, train, or exercise regularly. Also, if you have existing issues like arthritic or joint pain, this is something to have on-hand. Also, KneeWrap Pro is machine-washable, so it is easy to take care of, too.

    The KneeWrap Pro is another one of the cheaper products that made this list at around $39. Sleeves are generally a bit less money to buy than braces, but this sleeve performs at par with some of the more costly knee braces on the market. For high quality materials and comfort when worn, you can’t go wrong with a KneeWrap Pro sleeve.

    As you can see, consumers have many options when it comes to knee braces. Consider these five for quality, performance, longevity, and value- they come highly recommended!


    It is not difficult to take care of your knee brace, but it is imperative if you want it to last any length of time. While washing the knee brace regularly is important, too much washing may be problematic, too. There is a fine line between keeping the brace clean and hygienic- and wearing the fibers and materials down from too much laundering.

    There are other things that you should do to take care of a knee brace beyond washing, so it lasts. Pay attention to moisture on and around the brace as this can foster mold. Turn braces inside-out to air-dry when damp to help keep them dry and bacteria-free. Also, treat the brace gingerly however you wash or launder it; remember that it is a medical aid that could become damaged if mishandled. For this reason, you should not toss any knee brace into a washing machine and expect good results. It really depends on the type of brace, the material, and the care instructions provided on the label.

    Naturally, you will need to wash your knee brace if you are going to wear it regularly. Various types of braces require different care and handling. Here are some tips for washing your brace and helping to keep it fresh and functional.

    Typically, the most damaging element to a knee brace is the detergent and cleaner used, and not the way that it was washed. Be gentle and the knee brace will likely be fine. Use minimal detergents when washing your brace by hand and don’t scrub. If you wash the knee brace routinely, you won’t need to worry about deep cleaning and scrubbing it. Washing the knee brace by hand keeps it fresh and smelling nice. Air dry after hand washing for best results and avoid putting the brace in a dryer ever. The tumbling and heat will deform and possibly damage the brace, usually irreparably.

    Most people are going to try to toss their knee brace into a washing machine when it is time to get it clean. If the brace is delicate, you risk permanently changing the shape, compression, and fit of the brace.

    If you are wearing a knee brace sleeve, you are likely fine to wash these in a washing machine- but always read the label to be sure. In any case, try to wash the brace separately so it is not being roughed-up and tossed against other items during the wash cycle. Set the machine on the gentle cycle and, again, use a minimum of mild detergent. Always air dry after machine washing, too.

    What will you do with a significantly soiled or stinky knee brace? If you are not going to throw it out, try boiling the knee brace in water, instead. This method will work for most fabrics but read the label if you have doubts. First, fill a pot or Dutch oven with water and bring to a boil on the stovetop.

    When you have a rolling boil, carefully set the knee brace in the pot, and let it simmer and boil for five minutes. Remove the pot- and brace- from the heat. Add a couple drops of mild dishwashing detergent to the pot and gently stir with a wooden spoon or other utensil.

    Let the pot containing the water, detergent, and knee brace sit until cool. Once the water is cool, remove the knee brace and rinse thoroughly with cool tap water. Air dry your knee brace thoroughly. Soaking in Vinegar

    If you are dealing with an exceptionally dirty or foul brace, try one final approach to cleaning and restoring it before throwing in the towel- and tossing out the knee brace! This involves soaking the knee brace in white vinegar. Bleach and other cleaning agents are too harsh to use on a knee brace; vinegar is a way to remove stains and odors gently, without compromising the compression features of your brace.

    First, boil a gallon of tap or distilled water on the stovetop. Once it is boiling, remove from the heat and add a half cup of white vinegar- but be careful, the odor can be very strong! Gently place the knee brace in the pot and soak for a half hour, stirring occasionally.

    When the time is up, remove the knee brace and handwash with a small amount of mild detergent. Turn the brace inside-out and lay flat to air dry thoroughly.

    A knee brace can provide stability and support while you recover from a torn meniscus, but it won’t necessarily heal the injury for you. When used in combination with your doctor’s other recommendations, a knee brace may help hasten healing, so you recover from a torn meniscus faster. If you have had surgery for a tear, a knee brace can support goals in recovery and rehabilitation.

    A knee brace helps support sore or injured knees, offering protection, pain relief, and a bit of stability. If you are recovering from surgery or an injury, you may be told to wear a knee brace by your provider.

    A knee sleeve provides far less support than a knee brace, and you should wear a brace for stability after surgery. Knee braces are bulkier than knee sleeves. A knee sleeve offers some compression and good mobility, so it may be an option that helps reduce swelling to curb pain in the joint.

    You would want to wear a knee brace or sleeve if you have knee pain, or if you have injured your knee. Some people wear knee braces or knee sleeves to prevent injuring their knees during certain physical activities. Knee braces are both a therapeutic and a preventative health aid that hastens healing and provides comfort.

    There are many factors that contribute to how long you will need to wear your knee brace, including the reason you are wearing it and the type of brace being worn. Also, some braces can be worn any and all the time- so it makes sense to ask your provider for their recommendation.

    Always abide by your medical provider’s recommendations, but yes, typically you can wear a knee brace all day.

    All knee braces are not the same. Many are designed and manufactured for very-specific medical purposes. Others may be designed with mobility and athletic performance in mind.

    There are several types of knee braces that you can buy; they are: rehabilitative, functional, compression, unloader, and other types that fall outside these categories.

    You can sleep with a knee brace to maintain support and stability during the night. There are also special pillows and forms that you can use that will help in supporting your knees when you sleep.

    Never substitute rehabilitation or physical therapy with a knee brace. Continue to do any exercises or activities as recommended by your practitioners. You may wear your knee brace during therapy.

    If you need the support and reliability that a knee brace provides, consider looking for these five products. When it comes to quality, performance, and value- these five knee braces are the best. Think about all that a knee brace does: it supports recovery, fosters healing, and prevents further injury. Isn’t it worth buying those products that come highly rated and consumer recommended? Talk to your provider or practitioner about how a knee brace can help you maintain mobility across the lifespan.

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