The Plumber: Info needed on semi-pro kitchen faucets

Q: Dear Ed: I have been looking around for a new kitchen faucet and have a couple questions about faucet types. Beside the price, what’s the basic difference between a standard kitchen faucet and a semi-professional kitchen faucet?

— Paula, Maine

The Plumber: Info needed on semi-pro kitchen faucets

A: If you consider yourself to be a home chef or foodie in a high traffic residential kitchen, you may want to upgrade to a semi-professional kitchen faucet.

Basically, semi-pro kitchen faucets are attractively styled and offer extra features not normally found in standard kitchen faucets. Some semi-professional kitchen faucet features may include easy-to-clean and easy-to-access faucet finishes and surface areas, a powerful multi-function spray head to help with dish, pan and sink cleanups, and a high arching or spring-loaded faucet spout for filling up large pots. Another good thing about semi-pro faucets is they can be installed on most existing or new residential kitchen sinks.

Bottom line: If you’re a home chef or just looking for an easier cleanup, a semi-professional faucet style can be a faucet that works for any kitchen.


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