Residents told to boil water after contamination scare in Victorian town of Inverloch

Residents in the Victorian town of Inverloch are being urged to boil tap water before drinking it or brushing their teeth, following a contamination scare.

Health and water authorities issued the warning to people in the seaside Gippsland town, about 143km south east of Melbourne, on Sunday morning.

Inverloch residents were told they must boil the water before drinking it or drink bottled water instead, until further notice.

Drinking the unboiled water can cause gastro like symptoms and anyone who experiences such symptoms should contact their doctor and inform them of the advisory.

Boiled water must be used to prepare food, clean fruit and vegetables, make ice, prepare baby formula and for brushing teeth.

It should also be used for gargling and cleaning and soaking dentures.

South Gippsland Water (SGW) said the advisory was in place following a report of contaminated water in the Inverloch Clear Water Storage.

“Our team is working hard to fix the situation as soon as we can,” the authority advised.

“At this stage we have to advise you that may take until mid next week.”

SGW said it will provide updates at 9am each morning this week via web and social media until the situation is resolved.

Residents told to boil water after contamination scare in Victorian town of Inverloch

Unboiled water can be used for showering and bathing, but residents should avoid swallowing the water. As a precaution, babies and young children should be sponge-bathed, authorities said.

Unboiled water can also be used to hand wash dishes or in a dishwasher, as long as dishes are air-dried before being used after washing.

“South Gippsland Water is working closely with the Department of Health to identify conditions that will enable the boil water advice to be rescinded,” SGW said.

“Be assured that South Gippsland Water is taking action to restore the supply of safe drinking water to your area.”

To ensure water is safe to drink:

* Heat water until a continuous and rapid stream of air-bubbles is produced from the bottom of a pan or kettle (kettles with automatic shut-off switched are suitable)

* Allow the water to cool before using it

* The water should be stored in a clean, closed container for later use

* Take care to prevent scalding from boiling water

Anyone concerned they may have been affected by contaminated water should contact their doctor or call NURSE-ON-CALL 1300 60 60 24.

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