Making the most of 2022 with Guinness

Since pubs and bars were able to reopen last year, Guinness has gone from strength to strength, growing in all regions across the UK[2]​, and is the number one draught beer in London[3]​.

As the beer market continues to evolve, now is the time for informed decision making, considering how consumers are continuing to seek authenticity in their purchasing decisions and of course, how beers of taste are taking centre stage.

Getting your Guinness offering right and delivering that all important quality will not only drive sales but it will also lock in repeat visits and hopefully grow a regular customer base long-term. Not only do a larger proportion of Guinness drinkers visit the on-trade for drinking occasions on a weekly basis compared to other beer drinkers[4]​, but 41% of draught drinkers will leave a pub if they receive a poor-quality pint of Guinness, and 54% are unlikely to return[3]​.

Some 37% of Guinness drinkers consider the quality of drinks on offer as an important factor when deciding which pub to visit on a drinking occasion[3]​, and the notion of ‘quality’ comes up time and time again in terms of driving sales and locking in those repeat visits. Quality of the serve is absolutely key, and working with our Diageo Quality Team and following the 7C’s will help ensure great quality Guinness every time. More information on this can be found on​.

Let us help you deliver great looking, great tasting pints of Guinness.

Correct Gas - Ensure your beer maintains its gas and reaches the tap corrects

Correct Temperature - Temperature is vital when it comes to beer when it is being both stored and dispensed

Clean Lines - Yeast grows naturally in all beer lines, so regular cleaning is essential

Clean Glassware - As well as improving quality, clear glassware also helps with the presentation of your pint

Counter Visibility - Making sure your beers are visible to customers will improve their experience

Consistent Freshness - Fresh beer looks better and tastes better, so make sure you employ the” first in, first out” rule when it comes to your kegs

Crafted Presentation - A great beer is about more than just taste; it needs to look good and be well presented. This means pouring the perfect pint

Quality is important in terms of the serve, but it is also worth considering how quality can be conveyed to customers through PoS touchpoints as well. Both branded glassware and a Guinness Harp font add to the overall Guinness experience.

Make sure to also appraise the best formats for the specific venue. Guinness caters for a range of venue needs and invests into innovations to ensure the beer is delivered in the best possible condition. Already offering 50L and 30L kegs, in June 2021 Guinness launched Guinness MicroDraught. The recent development allows Guinness to be poured in a wider variety of outlets, which in the past were unable to offer Guinness without a keg system. The dispense system ensures the iconic Guinness pour and temperature every time. The Guinness team continually looks to develop innovations like this, that ensure Guinness can be delivered in the best possible condition wherever it’s served.

Ensuring that the right formats are available is one way to ensure that we are inclusive in offering great quality Guinness regardless of the type of venue or rate of sale. Another way that we’ve grown the inclusivity of the brand is through the development of Guinness 0.0. This low and no alcohol category is experiencing continued popularity, and we’re looking forward to offering Guinness 0.0 into the on trade in due course. It offers Guinness with everything, except the alcohol, and of course, always quality.

For venues that are able to offer food, the consideration of beer and food matches, or deals, is a great way to drive sales and provide something different. With half of all occasions now food-led[5]​, it is worth considering how to leverage a food offering to also maximise drinks sales. 36% of dinner visits to pub restaurants involve beer or cider versus only 15% for wine[6]​, showing the potential for making the most of drinks sales.

Guinness pairs perfectly with rich, smoky flavours of grilled or roasted meat and vegetables, complimented by the roast barley flavours of Guinness Draught – a good example of an offering suitable to the upcoming BBQ season and traditional Sunday roasts. In addition, Guinness not only pairs well with food but can be used as an ingredient to add and enhance flavours. Having partnered up with The Flava People, Guinness now have a range of sauces, seasonings, and cooking ingredients designed to expand the relationship with Guinness and food beyond that of the traditional – to find out more about the range contact Guinness Brand Manager at The Flava People, Olivia Parkes, byvivn@gursynincrbcyr.pb.hx​.

Quality and innovation continue to be at the heart of Guinness, and alongside both product and dispense developments and projects like the creation of the Guinness microbrewery and culture hub, ‘Guinness at Old Brewer’s Yard’, there is a focus to recruit drinkers into the brand, whilst also creating bar training, like the award-winning Learning for Life Bartending and Hospitality Programme.

Making the most of 2022 with Guinness

For more information on how to get the most from Guinness, head to Diageo One – a 24/7 online resource giving you access to a vast amount of expert information – or speak to the Diageo Quality Team on +44(0)845 751 5101 to discuss the quality of your Guinness or explore how Guinness MicroDraught can be installed in your venue.

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