Kallista’s Argile Collection Makes Sculptural Texture Beyond Beautiful

Texture, that all-important design element, presents unique challenges in the bathroom. How do you introduce the warmth and interest that it can provide while also providing confidence in cleanability? The new Argile collection from Kallista solves this design riddle, pairing a sculptural, hand-tooled aesthetic with modern shapes.

The result of a partnership between the Kallista design team and Workshop/APD, the Argile (pronounced ar-geel) freestanding bathtub and vessel sink introduce a new design language for the bathroom. Kallista collaborated with Matt Berman, founding principal of Workshop/APD, and design director and senior associate Andrew Kline.

Being drawn to texture in all of our work, we were really trying to bring texture into the bathroom in a way that still allows you to have cleanable surfaces but with a more human, comfortable feel.

– Matt Berman, founding principal of Workshop/APD

The aptly named Argile collection, which means clay in French, juxtaposes polished interiors with sculptural, matte exteriors. Evoking the craft and artistry of carved wood or clay tooling, the dynamic movement the marks create flows across the exteriors of both forms. As Kline notes, “It was all about finding the sculptural shape that was beautiful on its own before we even added the texture.”

Kallista’s Argile Collection Makes Sculptural Texture Beyond Beautiful

The matte finish of the bathtub’s cast mineral material captures light beautifully and feels natural to the touch. Crafted from a blend of fine mineral powder and resin, the half-moon shape of the freestanding bath accommodates one or two bathers in water that holds heat, thanks to the bath’s unique composition. The integrated drain includes a round toe-tap for quick, easy water release.

Mirroring the bath, the Argile vessel sink’s rounded shape emphasizes the strong lines and surface detail that gives each form such presence and sophistication. The cast stone vessel features a deep, smooth basin that naturally discourages splash-ups.

The Argile collection is featured in Honed White, a new addition to Kallista’s color palette. This warm, matte shade of white brings a luxurious softness to the collection and offers a counterpoint to the polished gloss of so much modern design. Paired with the minimalist, clean lines of Kallista’s One faucet collection, Argile creates an ideal bathing space. Available in an array of finishes including Unlacquered Brass and Gunmetal, the One collection provides the freedom to play. Round out the space further with additional selections from Kallista’s versatile Foundations collection.

“There is nothing more beautiful than a design that reveals the hand of its maker,” says Berman. “These pieces express that sentiment perfectly, with a textural gradient effect that goes from smooth, polished edges to a carved surface inspired by wood cuts and tooled clay.”

To learn more about Kallista’s Argile collection, visit kallista.com.

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