How your bathroom impacts your mood

Believe it or not, the choices that you make when deciding how your home will look have a documented effect on your emotions and perceptions. The bathroom is one of the most personal as well as practical rooms in the house. Bathrooms are used to unwind after a hard day at work as well as to recharge and get ready for the upcoming day. An important component in how we experience the world around us is colour and it is no surprise that colour schemes also have an impact on our moods and emotions. So as you begin to conceptualize your bathroom’s interior design, make sure that you are using colors in a way that fits with the tone you want to create and gives you a calm space to rejuvenate.

To get the most out of your bathroom, you’ll want to plan a space that meets the specific needs of those who’ll be using it most. Everyone uses the bathroom differently, and a properly designed room can enhance each person’s experience, making it easier to use and much more personal. With spa visits becoming more common across the globe, homeowners are now looking for ways to bring that experience home with them. And since whirlpool tubs and radiant heated floors are now almost standard in new construction, designers are really starting to think outside the box when adding spa-like touches. Showers and bathtubs are also getting the deluxe spa treatment. Steam showers and shower jet panels are gaining popularity and air baths, which feature tiny, effervescent bubbles instead of targeted jets, are a hot new addition to the bathroom marketplace. Whether you’re considering a full-fledged renovation or just looking for elements that can uplift your personal space, these top bathroom trends of 2016 will come handy. Take a pick and choose one that fits the character of your home.

1.White on white

A clear white on white palette is pristine and energizing. It’s also a great substitute for natural light if there’s not enough of it. Crisp, pure and clean, a white-on-white palette can have an extremely powerful effect on the mind, clearing visual and mental clutter and paving the way to total relaxation. For a contemporary look, go for a stark, pure white décor and keep the fittings edgy and minimalist.

Kohler’s Composed Lav Faucet can bring a sleek, modern look when paired with the Escale Vanity Top. The design of the Escale collection draws inspiration from Japanese ceramic tableware and a sail billowing in the wind. You can choose between an elegant free standing tub and a smart walk in shower.

From among its range of products, the Veil Intelligent Toilet in sleek white is worth a special mention. It comes with adjustable, automatic sensors that open and close the toilet seat cover and a self-cleaning function which uses UV light and electrolyzed water systems to sanitize the bidet wand surfaces. All this with an LCD remote control that lets you adjust the temperature of the water from the bidet. The modern, contemporary look would be incomplete without a high tech showerhead such as Kohler’s Moxie. This Bluetooth-enabled showerhead pairs up with your device to play music, news and more for a refreshing shower.

For a warmer touch, add a splash of bold colour on the tiles or place a wooden vanity. You can soften an all white bathroom with a soft, neutral rug, a wooden chair or a simple yellow light shade.

Adding gleaming metallic accents to an all-white bath is a great way to infuse glamour and sparkle. We love the vessels and sinks from the Derring collection of Kohler. Each piece from this collection is a one of a kind creation with unique textures and glazing. Pick the circular or rectangular vessel in warm bronze that sits elegantly on the counter.

2.Sultry Smoky

Alluring and seductive, this palette offers an intriguing blend of colors and materials. Today, designers are combining a host of lustrous hues into one cohesive scheme. Here, dusky paint, textured wall surfaces and tiles combine with gleaming faucets and light fixtures to create a shimmering spa-like escape. The idea is to stick with warm tones like brushed bronze and keep the style classic. One can consider marble floors with metallic hues mixed in to bring a demure color palette of deep browns, sandy hues and dusky grays to vivid life. Adding personal touches like framed antique portraits for a formal, furnished look are also a great option.

To give a traditional twist to the smoky palette, one can blend textures and materials like clear glass and matte wood, adding depth to a space. Smoky glass is making its way into homes of all styles, bringing with it a sense of warmth and mystery. Whether it shows up in floor-to-ceiling glass panels, pendant lighting, or a uniquely faceted bathroom sink, these sultry tones are suitable for spaces that blend the best of classic and modern elements.

Capturing the style of minimalist design, Kohler’s Purist wall-mount faucet in Vibrant Brushed Bronze is an ideal fit to bring out the sultry effect in your bathroom space. The Briolette glass sink adds to it as it displays a uniquely faceted shape inspired by the precisely cut surfaces of precious stone.

How your bathroom impacts your mood

3.Black and White

Ever-sophisticated and enduringly chic, black is and will always be a home design darling. There’s hardly a shade out there that’s more versatile, especially when paired with its favorite partner, white. Black works beautifully as a go-to hue for the bathroom, whether your style runs towards classic elegance, sleekly contemporary, or somewhere in between. This year, the trend is only heating up. We’re talking crisp geometries and strong contrasts in fittings and fixtures. Chic bathroom fittings like Kohler’s Presqu’ile wall hung toilet look mod against bold black and white tiles.

To add to the edgy look, go for an all black trough sink. Trough sinks are catching on for a reason. They’re wide enough to accommodate two users at once or even for washing your linen at the sink. They look best when they’re extra long and run right across the vanity. Kohler’s Terrace vanity top with its wide, rectangular spread is both elegant and functional. Or try the Forefront rectangular vessel lavatory in black with single faucet hole.

A walk in shower with the Loure Rain Heads showers from Kohler which offers a rain curtain effect with mood lighting is a perfect addition to this look. Keep the look clean and modern by conquering clutter with an understated vanity and add some pop art to plain walls for drama.

Pale Neutral

Soft, quiet and calming, it seems the pale neutral trend is everywhere right now. Soft pinks and blush hues dominate the color spectrum, and show up alone, in diaphanous layers, or contrasted with bright white. Silver grey stained woods, sun bleached linens, and aged patinas are the ingredients for conjuring images of seaside beach huts, cotton candy and romantic flower gardens. Delicate patterns, subtle sprays or washes of color blur edges and add interest to simple objects and spaces.

We’ve fallen for the translucent Briolette glass sink with its uniquely faceted shape from Kohler. It comes in a delicate range of pastels like sandalwood, grey and cool sapphire. Coupled with a simple, understated faucet from the Avid Faucet collection, it looks exquisite.

If the graceful and elegant Briolette glass sink brings a dainty, classic touch, temper it with the modern Veil wall hung toilet. It comes with a concealed tank and minimalist, seamless design that being wall mounted creates the illusion of space.

Add depth to neutrals by combining three hues of creams, almonds and pinks. To complete the look, go for pastel wallpaper in a romantic floral or elegant damask pattern. This will help designate sections of your bathroom and create definition.

4.Colour Block

If you’re one of many whose love of bold color runs deep, you’ll be downright giddy over the blocks of fully saturated pinks, cobalts, and acid greens making their way from fashion runways to the home. Whether they’re paired with white, fully saturated, or combined with a rainbow of pattern, blocks of color are energizing bathroom spaces from small to expansive in a myriad of styles.

And we’ll let you in on a secret – a colour block transformation for your bathroom décor is actually easier than you think. Pick two to three contrasting but complimentary shades and paint opposite walls in these shades. More than two is a risk and more than three can spell disaster. For the faint of heart, we suggest a fairly neutral colour teamed with a rich, bold one. You can also try a half and half on walls with the lower half in a bright colour and the upper half in a neutral one.

Go white and minimalist for fittings and fixtures to get this look right. The Terrace wall hung toilet from Kohler spells understated style. A neutral vanity in the center of a bold bathroom with the functional and modern Terrace vanity top will sit just right and the Beitou faucet unifies this combination perfectly.

To get the mood of colour block, use simple elements like colourful bathroom accessories or a rug in a bright tone that goes with the wall colour.

If you like conventional chic, go for a white on white look. For bolder people, it’s definitely colour blocking or black and white while for those who love classic style, cool pastels are it. So, let your personality and the interiors of your home be reflected in your choice of bathroom décor.