How to use a bidet

Bidets are used all over the world. Not only are they hygienic, it also feels good to be clean. You may be at a loss for what to do when the stall door closes if you have never used one before, however.

A bidet is represented as either its own piece of porcelain in the bathroom, separate from your toilet or it’s bought and attached to a standard toilet.

What kind of bidet are you using?

There are a few different styles of bidets that you may come across in your travels or on the internet for purchase. When considering the process, first identify which sort of bidet you are operating. Many standalone bidets do not come standard with seats like toilets, but there are bidet seats available.

A standalone or freestanding bidet is a full porcelain piece drilled into the ground similar to a toilet. It looks as if it is a toilet without its lid, but you can still sit on it. Standalone bidets also have water temperature and pressure faucets that are controlled by the user.

A regular toilet can also be made into a bidet with a proper attachment. Handheld bidets are connected to the toilet and look like short metal water hoses with spray handles on the end. Press the handle to adjust the pressure but the temperature will remain the same. They are held into position manually and used to clean yourself after using the toilet.

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Electronic attachments transform a toilet into a hybrid bidet. In this case, the bidet is attached to the toilet, and you use a remote control to adjust it to your needs. A hybrid bidet will have an on/off switch, pressure adjustments, temperature adjustments, front/back options and a dryer will often be included as well.

Order of operations

In order to come away from the bidet as clean as you intended, there is a proper order of things. Follow this procedure to have an optimal experience using a bidet.

Before you turn on the bidet, use the toilet. The bidet is best used after elimination is complete. Using a bidet after eliminating allows you to feel and be more hygienically clean than by using toilet paper alone.

Before you use a bidet, check to make sure that it is clean enough to sit on. If you have a spray attachment, use this to clean off anything unsavory before planting yourself down. You can also use toilet paper or a disinfectant wipe to clean off the surface and ensure a comfortable seat.

Secure your clothing to be sure it won’t get wet from using the bidet. If you have loose clothing, bunch it and pull it to the side opposite of the remote or hand-held sprayer. This will make it easier to operate and keep your clothes from touching the water or the ground.

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Fine-tune the details of your bidet experience by modifying the temperature, pressure and position of the water stream. A standalone bidet may have separate hot and cold handles, while a hybrid toilet might have buttons to control the temperature. Pressure can also be adjusted with buttons on a hybrid bidet but will be manually controlled by a handle on a standalone or attachment. This is also the case for altering the position on hybrid bidets versus freestanding or handheld models.

How to use a bidet

Getting dry

Using a bidet is great, but most people want to walk away with a dry rear, even if it is only water on their clothing. After using the bidet, you’re going to want to dry yourself off before moving on with your day. Here are some techniques you can use to get dry after using a bidet.

This can be done with time or by fanning yourself. However, if you are using a hybrid toilet, an air dryer may be attached. Air drying is the most hygienic drying method, since nothing is touching your body in its most sensitive areas. Plus, you don’t have to worry about tiny bits of cheap toilet paper that may pill up from collecting moisture.

If available, use a towel to dry yourself after using the bidet. You can also substitute appropriately sized towels by cutting up larger towels or old t-shirts. This is an eco-friendly way to ensure that you have a clean and dry heinie. Place two medium baskets near the bidet for regular use, one with clean towels and an empty one for used towels.

Toilet paper is often used in lue of a bidet, but you can use them together to complete the process. If using toilet paper, fold it up and pat yourself dry in order to avoid leaving paper residue on your body. If you don’t feel the need for toilet paper, enjoy the great feeling of being clean and just a little more environmentally supportive.

What you need to buy for a bidet

Omigo’s Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

This luxury bidet comes in either an elongated or round shape. It is safe, sanitary and allows the user to customize each experience to fit their needs.

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TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet Attachment

A bidet attachment that doesn’t require electric or plumbing assistance. This bidet is easy to install and use while being environmentally friendly.

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Hansgrohe Focus E Single Horizontal Spray Bidet Faucet

This bidet faucet includes the handle and valve. Hot and cold plumbing is necessary to operate it to full capacity.

Sold by Wayfair

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