HAPPY HANDYMAN: Take care of decorative finishes with Gel Gloss

So, what about oil-rubbed bronze surfaces? I have to tell you, this is what I love about my job. I assumed that the oil-rubbed bronze finish was just like any other specialty finish, but it’s not! Oil-rubbed bronze is a much softer finish, so just not any cleaner might be safe. I talked to the reps from Flitz, and they make Faucet Wax which is safe on this finish. It truly can be used on all metal, but it’s pricey, and I would only use it for oil-rubbed bronze or gold-plated fixtures. But it’s not just for the bath; you can use it on outdoor light fixtures, fireplace screens and doors.

Gel Gloss has a whole family of cleaners. Gel Gloss original formula is made for delicate surfaces like cultured marble countertops and sinks. You can safely polish whirlpool tubs, acrylic shower enclosures, and laminate countertops. Back when we all had Formica countertops, Gel Gloss was the only thing to use. And it’s still a great product. It comes in a cream and an aerosol.

The mirrors in your bathroom can get hard water spots down by the sink where water splashes. Gel Gloss No Streek (yes, I spelled that right) is a unique formula that polishes, protects and shines. There is a real difference between an ammonia-based, spray-on cleaner and No Streek. Like the name suggests No Streek can be used in direct sunlight and not leave a streak. No Streek comes in polish and an aerosol. We have a wall of glass shelving in the gift shop in the store and it’s the only thing we clean with because it makes all the books, décor and candles look beautiful.

Gel Gloss and Flitz are family-owned businesses, and their products are made in the USA.

HAPPY HANDYMAN: Take care of decorative finishes with Gel Gloss

Now to the email …

Question: On occasion I see a mosquito inside the house; can I use Dynatrap inside the house? Or, can you offer another alternative.

Answer: They make two different Dynatraps that can be used indoors. The DT150 is a small plug-in unit that works like the outdoor models. It attracts biting bugs by imitating “human breath” and then sweeps them away into a cage. Then there is a DT3009 that attracts mosquitoes, house flies, fruit flies and other flying insects. This model is smaller and fits into a standard wall socket. Both work great, but I think for the money I would get the DT150. Hope this helps. Call me if you can’t find either one of the traps.

Question: We had some water damage on a windowsill that resulted in peeling. I repainted the windowsill but it keeps flaking and peeling. Do I need to sand it and start all over?

Answer: Zinsser makes a primer call Peel Stop that is made for exactly your same problem. Peel Stop is a flexible, clear, binding sealer designed for surfaces that are peeling, cracking or chalking. Peel Stop seeps into these spaces and glues them down, forming a tight bond that helps stop future peeling. Sand off any peeling or flaky paint and then us a tack cloth to remove the dust. Paint on Peel Stop. Use two coats. It will look shiny. Then use any latex paint as a final coat.

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