Fresh, running water improves urinary health in cats

Have you ever wondered why cats love to drink out of the faucet in your sink?

It is an instinct for cats to drink fresh running water, as their "wild" relatives seek to drink cool running water from a river or stream.

Some cats do not like the sensation of their whiskers hitting the side of their water bowl, and it is difficult for them to see standing water in a bowl as their close-up vision is not good.

Fresh, running water improves urinary health in cats

Cats, and male cats in particular, are prone to urinary crystals, bladder inflammation and urinary blockage if the moisture in their diet is not adequate. Urinary blockage due to crystals is life-threatening and an emergency. Signs of a urinary tract issue include vocalizing, posturing to urinate with little or no production, vomiting, licking at the genitalia, lethargy and repeated trips to the litter box.

Provide multiple stations for water around the house. Pet fountains with running water provide a fantastic opportunity for your cat to hydrate, as this more closely mimics the fresh running water they would seek in the wild.

Be sure to clean them regularly and change the filters to avoid mildew buildup. Jacksonville is known for its hard water; therefore, pet fountains are helpful to filter some of this hard water.

In addition, providing canned food daily also increases the amount of moisture in your cat's diet, as most canned foods have a high moisture content.

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