Five Stocks to Gift for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just over a week away, it's time to finally start thinking about the manliest gift to give this year. While some may go right to their local hardware store or grab some grilling equipment and a bottle of whiskey, an even more practical and totally personal idea is gifting the stocks of the companies that make those products.

Giving back an investment for the dads that invested in their children only makes sense… or is weird and this is just an excuse to talk about five stocks that make great Father’s Day gifts.

Either way, here are the five most quintessential Father’s Day stocks for 2021.

Home Depot

Come on, this is obvious. Hardware store. Lumber. Plumbing supplies. Home Depot (HD) is the place to go for all homeowner essentials. Buying a drill set for Father’s Day might not seem like the most personal and thought out gift, but it sure is practical. Hardware stores are necessary for every homeowner and while online shopping is taking over much of the economy, that same evolution is not happening nearly as much with hardware products.

Stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s (LOW) are needed as buying plants\flowers online is impractical as you cannot tell the current condition of the plant and so on. Same with things such as lumber, why pay some astronomical shipping fee for a large piece of wood when you can just go to the store, pick it up, and shove it in the car.

For those reasons, Home Depot and Lowe’s both look like solid investments as they dominate market share in the industry and have fully functioning online stores for those who do want to shop virtually.

Five Stocks to Gift for Father’s Day


What’s the perfect gift after a long day shopping at Home Depot and working outside on the lawn to get ready for summer? Scotch.

Who’s the manliest man to ever man? Ron Swanson.

What’s the drink of choice for Mr. Swanson? Lagavulin 16.

Who owns the Lagavulin brand? Diageo (DEO).

Open a bottle with Dad to celebrate owning a part of the company that makes Swanson’s favorite drink.

Spectrum Brands

If Diageo is behind the manliest drink, then who is behind the manliest food? Spectrum Brands (SPB) of course, the parent company of the infamous George Foreman grill. The George Foreman grill might be the most 90s thing anyone can think of along with Friends and Beanie Babies. However, it's not the massive seller it used to be, luckily Spectrum also has a home improvement and gardening portfolio that includes Kwickset locks,Pfister faucets and Spectracide weed killer.

Replacing faucets and locks are easy projects most Dads can knock out with a single trip to Home Depot. Even if your Dad doesn't have and projects planned, shares of Spectrum could be a gift that pays dividends.

Proctor & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble (PG) might not be the first company most people think about for Father's Day, but every man needs to keep clean and at least somewhat presentable. The parent company of Gillette has to be on this list if in fact it is… the best a man can get.

While Gillette will make sure to keep every father clean shaven, Old Spice is there to make sure every Dad smells clean too. All that time working outside and grilling is gonna result in a necessary shower and eventual shave if any father wants to stay a respectable member of society. Stocks focused on keeping men clean might not be the most interesting gift idea but again it serves a VERY necessary purpose.


For the outdoorsy Dad who wants to go camping and/or hiking every chance they get, what better company than Yeti Holdings (YETI). First of all it's literally called YETI. Secondly, they make nearly indestructible outdoor products for fishing trips, camping, and hiking. Anybody obsessed with the outdoors would happily accept some YETI products (especially since they don’t have to pay the ridiculous prices). If you’re gonna buy a YETI product for its build quality, then why not go for a long term investment in YETI stock as well.