#ColoursbyKohler: A watershed moment in bathroom design

A leading brand in bathroom furnishings, Kohler brings innovative designs to life. With a design philosophy that is rooted in minimalism, the collections exemplify sophistication, and the brands clean cut designs evoke a sense of largeness in your spaces. The products are created to transform your mundane white and chrome bath space into an epitome of style.

#ColoursbyKohler: A watershed moment in bathroom design

The brand new #ColoursbyKohler range introduces an exclusive mix of Vibrant Faucet Finishes and Ceramic products which will truly make your bath space the centrepiece of your home

The classic range of faucets and finishes include dynamic design elements that are sure to jazz up your bathroom space. You can choose from a modern Brushed Nickel finish for a soft feel against white interiors, a Brushed Bronze for a stark rustic look, Rose Gold for a plush contemporary design or a smooth French Gold lacquer for a luxurious accent.

The vessel range incorporate intriguing patterns from around the world. The Artists Edition sinks like the Marrakesh, inspired from Moorish architecture, combine exquisite artistry and functionality to create some eye catching designs.

For the #ColoursbyKohler campaign, Kohler has collaborated with author and interior designer Twinkle Khanna. Talking about the association Twinkle said, “This campaign really spoke to the designer in me. If you think about it, white and chrome have been synonymous with bathrooms. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There is a lot you can do. Especially, the collection that I worked with, is absolutely stunning as to what Kohler has done with decorative and colourful sinks and faucets by transforming them into artistic statements. The shoot managed to capture the theme of the campaign quite beautifully. They reflected the central idea of the campaign be it the Moroccan courtyard or an ironsmith’s furnace, you could see the inspiration behind the products coming alive.”

Watch the #ColoursbyKohler campaign video here: