Ask SAM: What is pink residue under faucets?

Q: What is the pink residue that forms where water from the Forsyth County water system accumulates, such as under faucets or on shower floors? Is it hazardous or do we need to do anything to correct it?


Answer: “The pink residue the customer is seeing is a form of mold closely related to the black mold that some of our customers experience,” said Bill Brewer, the water treatment superintendent for City/County Utilities. “Customers can address by cleaning with a weak solution of household bleach (1:5 ratio).”

Other places where the fungi can be found are on the end of cold water taps, usually in the kitchen or bathroom; in washing machines around the powder drawer; in shower heads; and in toilet cisterns and bowls.

According to a fact sheet from City/County Utilities,”although these growths can look very unpleasant they are harmless and not a risk to health.”

They go on to say that the spores are naturally present in the environment but, “it is only when they find themselves in a suitable warm, moist location with a source of food that the spores multiply....

“Water provides the moisture that these fungi need to grow and hence they are usually found growing in environments such as those listed above or any area where there is standing water. Normal household heating provides the warmth, and there are sufficient nutrients around in the environment to provide an adequate food source.

“In addition to cleaning the existing growths with diluted bleach, improving ventilation is another way to help prevent the growth.

Ask SAM: What is pink residue under faucets?

Q: My sister and I went to a restaurant last week and noticed no kind of artificial sweeteners on any tables. A lot of people order water with lemon, then use the sweetener to make lemonade, rather than spend a lot of money for a sweet drink or tea. Is this legal to deny customers what they want to use to save money?


Answer: There is no law about such a thing. Restaurants are not obliged to leave extra sweetener on the tables, much like they don’t have to leave baskets of crackers or condiments out. Instead, many restaurants only bring out such items if they are requested by the customer. If you simply ask for sweetener, they will deliver it to the table.


We aren’t running the full shredding list again until April 1, but we have heard about an event that will be on that day, so we’re giving readers a heads-up now so they won’t have to pull together documents at the last minute.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center will be holding a free document shredding event from 9 a.m. to noon April 1 in the parking lot of the Administration Services building at 2200 Cloverdale Ave.

There will be no charge for the service, but donations will be accepted, with all proceeds benefiting the American Heart Association’s Winston-Salem Heart & Stroke Walk, which is Oct. 28 at Bailey Park, and the ALS Association’s Walk to Defeat ALS, which is May 13 at BB&T Stadium.


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