Ambridge Residents Without Clean Water For Fourth Day

AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — Thousands in Ambridge have been without clean water since Thursday and no word on when it will be restored.

A pump failure at the water plant allowed dirty water to cycle through the system, leading to safety concerns and closures of local businesses.

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One of those is Merchant Coffee, posting a sign on their door saying until the water is clean they will not operate.

It’s also been a setback for businesses like K&N Restaurant.

“We closed in Thursday then checked what we needed to do to stay open and we’ve been going since Friday,” said Shawn Holman, the owner.

Holman said they’ve found ways to power through.

Ambridge Residents Without Clean Water For Fourth Day

“Coffee maker is bottled water, no ice, you make adjustments whatever you got to do,” said Holman. “It’s just been a challenge for the community. We’ve been going all bottled water and I think you just do what you gotta do and stay open. Covid hit us very hard as it did the other restaurants so we’re doing anything we can within the health guidelines to stay open and as part of a small business you do what you can to keep operating.”

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Meanwhile, residents are figuring it out, as well.

“The showering is fine, but we buy bottled water anyhow for the house to drink. We can’t use our water,” said Donald Kaczmarczyk.

Lyman Katterson and many others say they’re ready to use the water from the faucet again but they’re trying their best to deal with the hand they’ve been dealt.

“It is what it is. You take life as it is,” Katterson said.

As work is still being done to fix the problem, there’s been no word on how much longer it could take.

There will be no in-person instruction on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. All buildings will be closed. All students should attend school virtually from home. All after school activities are cancelled.

— Ambridge Area SD (@ambridgearea) February 27, 2022

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Students in the Ambridge School District will also be learning remotely for the next three days, with the district saying the earliest students and staff could return is Thursday.