6 Kinds of Shower Heads for Your New Bathroom

If there's a way to improve the functionality of your bathroom with a minimal budget, you can do it by changing your shower head. Showers are among the most used fixtures in bathrooms. Therefore, why not give your shower head a makeover and make bathing more enjoyable to a new level?

In this regard, this post will highlight 6 of the most sought-after kinds of shower heads available that you might want to think about.

Different Types of Shower Heads

Rail Shower Sets or Twin Shower Set

6 Kinds of Shower Heads for Your New Bathroom  

The twin shower sets, also known as the rail shower sets, are the most luxurious styles of shower heads that typically include the handheld shower and the overhead one. They are designed to meet everything you require in one unit. This is the reason they're increasing in popularity within Western Australian bathroom renovation.


Rainfall Showerhead

The most sought-after kind of showerheads in the market is the rainfall showerhead.  It is designed to provide a drenching and relaxing shower experience. The water pours down from the showerhead like rain, giving a spa-like feeling right in your bathroom. It has many different designs and each offers distinct water pressure. It also comes in different sizes to fit any bathroom space.

Single/Fixed/Wall-Mount Showerhead

Shower heads mounted on wall are also referred to as single or fixed shower heads. These are the standard preference of most homeowners. Shower heads like these are commonly used in apartments with small spaces and simple condos. Although they are basic shower heads which are affordable, they are also simple to install. Shower heads like these provide the basic flow of water, however there are shower heads that come with various flow systems.


Top- / Ceiling-Mounted Showerhead

The top-mounted or ceiling-mounted shower heads are extremely popular in most households. As the name suggests, these shower heads are hung on the ceiling, and they are able to spray directly beneath. Shower heads that are mounted on the ceiling or top are actually rain shower heads that are mounted on the ceiling.


Handheld Shower Head

6 Kinds of Shower Heads for Your New Bathroom  

Handheld shower heads are a distinct kind of shower head that is made up of a shower head that is connected to the pipeline. They provide full body coverage without the need to move your body around unnecessarily. Shower heads that are handheld are extremely cost-effective and offer an ideal compromise between costly shower heads and affordable wall-mounted ones.


Sliding Bar or Rail Shower Head

Sliding bars shower heads typically entail a handheld shower that is attached to the rails that slide. The rails' height can be easily adjusted by moving the bar upwards or downwards. These shower heads are great for families with children, where individuals of different heights have to share the shower.



If you're planning the process of renovating your bathroom, you ought to think about upgrading the showerhead you have. The most common shower heads that are available in the market include top- or ceiling-mounted shower heads, rainfall shower heads, fixed or wall-mounted or single shower heads, handheld shower heads, and the rail shower head. Furthermore, most of these have a removable shower head which will make it easy for you to change a broken shower head or even just change the style that you do not prefer anymore.

No matter which shower head you'd like to install in your bathroom renovation there's something you require in our collection. Find the nearest retailer to purchase the perfect shower head for you so that you will have a wonderful and cozy bathroom.