52 People Who Immediately Regretted Basically Everything In Their Life That Led To This Moment

If you’re having yourself a downright bad, no good, crappy time, just remember...

1.The person who was kind enough to send their AirPods on the trip of a lifetime:

I left my AirPods on the plane.. frommildlyinfuriating

2.The person who learned to close their door every night the hard way:

Make sure you check that your door is closed when a blizzard hits overnight fromWellthatsucks

3.The person who is about to take the coldest dang poop the world ever did see:

I guess I’ll just shit my pants today fromWellthatsucks

4.The previous owners who are still trying to find that piece:

not sure this belongs here but the painters didn’t even bother to move a puzzle piece when going over the baseboards (was like this when i moved in) frommildlyinfuriating

5.The person who might find the screw they dropped within the next few millennia:

TIFU… I dropped a small screw somewhere in this area. I need it to hold the new rubber seal on the inside of the faucet. Fml. Anyone out there care for a game of “I Spy”? frommildlyinfuriating

6.The person who will just have to start a new life at this campsite:

Just pulled into our campsite 450 miles away from home. fromWellthatsucks

7.The person who is forever stranded in the bathroom:

I’m never pooping at my job ever again fromWellthatsucks

8.The world's worst Wordle player:

This one really ruined my day last week frommildlyinfuriating

9.The person who's gonna be working over-hard to clean this up:

Eggsactly what he feared would happen fromWellthatsucks

10.The person who will just live in an unnumbered house forever:

My address is 444 and this is the only place in town that sells house numbers frommildlyinfuriating

11.The person who just may never play basketball again:

12.The person who just has to turn around and go home:

Drove seven hours down to california just to meet this sign *sigh* fromWellthatsucks

13.The person who is about to make a friend for life on this flight:

This was an 8 hour flight… frommildlyinfuriating

14.Ol' Cupcake Hands:

My cupcake :( frommildlyinfuriating

15.The person who was kind enough to let their vacuum listen to some music:

Guess it’s time for some wireless fromWellthatsucks

16.The person who apparently now lives under the sea:

17.The person who now must take the world's longest receipt with them wherever they go:

Accidentally printing entire purchase history fromWellthatsucks

18.Ol' Moldy Passport:

Opened our lockbox today to find mold had been happily eating our passports and marriage certificate fromWellthatsucks

19.The person who had a bit of a brain malfunction:

Brain malfunctioned while preparing scrambled eggs fromWellthatsucks

20.The person who is about to enjoy a nice meal of cooked glass:

TIL that Pyrex can’t be trusted in an oven over 425 degrees. frommildlyinfuriating

21.The person who was kind enough to let everyone into their mailbox:

Someone forgot their car/house keys fromWellthatsucks

22.The person who got a nice little personal text about the cheating:

This is how I caught my ex wife cheating fromWellthatsucks

23.The person who has to deal with an anti-cutting-boarder:

24.The person who bought tortillas FOR ANTS:

One of my 8 tortillas frommildlyinfuriating

25.The person whose PS5 IS MELTING:

Friend arrived home from work to find his PS5 melting itself fromWellthatsucks

26.The person who, oh lord, had a bad accident:

Something something crying over spilt milk fromWellTextSucks

27.The person who used the fires of Mount Doom to bake muffins:

Thought I would bake some Valentines muffins for my husband today fromWellthatsucks

28.The person who must have angered the skate gods:

Some random guy walked up and smashed my window with his skateboard fromWellthatsucks

29.The person whose cat was kind enough to help cook:

Like seriously frommildlyinfuriating

30.The proud owner of one (1) giant rock:

Got an incredible amount of rain and wind. This 60 lb bag of concrete got wet in my garage. Now it’s a solid piece of concrete. fromWellthatsucks

31.The person whose company was so nice they already broke in their chair for them:

Landed a great job! but this is the chair and cubicle I was assigned. frommildlyinfuriating

32.And the person who made a friend for life on the bus:

2 hours into a 10 hour shift when a passenger asks if I know about the stowaway on my bus. fromWellthatsucks

Ain't that special.

33.The person who got a very special ingredient in their sandwich:

34.The person with the world's chocolatiest computer:

The pain frommildlyinfuriating

35.The person who added a little extra FLAIR to their laundry:

My wife left a pen in her pants pocket frommildlyinfuriating

36.The person who will never be able to relax in the bath:

Just had our bathroom renovated. The attention to detail was second to none. frommildlyinfuriating

37.The person who made the world's worst mistake:

When you get on the airplane for a long flight and open your AirPods case only to find it empty. fromWellthatsucks

38.The person with such a kind, caring, and considerate roommate:

Our roommate moved out today…. All of those stains are dog urine. frommildlyinfuriating

39.Ol' Tiny Charger:

The length of the charging cable that came with my headphones frommildlyinfuriating

40.The person who had a little accident in the back of their car:

This happened a few days ago, but I thought I might as well post it for karma. Fire extinguisher went off in the back of my car while I was driving. frommildlyinfuriating

41.The mad scientist who brewed this up:

Roommates rice cooker has turned into brain-like tissue. He refuses to clean it, and leaves it on the shared kitchen counter. frommildlyinfuriating

42.The person who had to do the barefoot walk of disappointment:

Went to the sauna post workout for 5 mins just to find my shoes and socks missing. Of course the gym says I’m out of luck, and had to take the walk home completely barefoot. frommildlyinfuriating

43.The person who will forever be charging a tiny bead:

44.The person who the universe does not want to drink a cold one:

My beer was double canned fromWellthatsucks

45.This person who angered the Hawaiian Punch gods:

I had a Hawaiian Punch can from 1992 on a display case and it developed a pin sized hole and pissed all over my head fromWellthatsucks

46.The person who got a delicious plate of goop for school lunch:

47.The person whose pantry shelves were really excited to see them:

So the pantry shelves failed fromWellthatsucks

48.The person who really needs to get their pelling under control:

“Pelling errors”🙄 frommildlyinfuriating

49.The person whose keys will forever be lost to the abyss:

My keys are down there. I have a test today. The apartment staff don’t arrive for two more hours fromWellthatsucks

50.The person who got a raw grilled cheese:

The "Grilled cheese Reuben" I spent $15 and and over an hour waiting for frommildlyinfuriating

51.The person who the universe does not want to have a sweet treat:

I absolutely hate my life. the third one also just fell on the pile... frommildlyinfuriating

52.And this poor, poor soul:

52 People Who Immediately Regretted Basically Everything In Their Life That Led To This Moment