Woman shares disgusting strip wash of husband's scummy five-year-old pillows

There are plenty of things people just forget to wash, like pillows.

Turns out you should be washing them every three to six months, but what happens if you've left it a lot longer than that?

Well now we know, thanks to a woman named Lexi on TikTok, who documented the incredibly disgusting process of strip washing her husband's favourite pillows, which haven't been cleaned in five years.

Lexi, who goes by the username @pwincesslexx on the platform, started with two hideously stained and discoloured pillows.

She dumped them into a bathtub of hot water with the tap still running.

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Next she began adding the strip wash mix. There are several different methods of doing a strip wash, but Lexi used washing detergent and scent boosting beads. To finish it off she poured OXI Clean stain remover powder into the bathtub.

Anyone who's done a strip wash before knows what comes next is the most satisfying part, letting it soak and seeing what comes out.

After two hours the water had already started to turn to a murky brown. She gave updates at the four-hour, eight-hour, 14-hour and 24-hour mark.

Woman shares disgusting strip wash of husband's scummy five-year-old pillows

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She left the pillows to soak in the water for a day and when that was done the water was an absolutely filthy dark brown colour. Lexi let it drain out and the filth left on the bottom of the bath will make you want to gag.

Dirt, hair and general gunk came out of the pillows and left a layer on the bottom of the tub.

Next step was chucking the pillows into the washing machine.

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Lexi's video has been watched over 36.8 million times. After seeing what happened to the water, it's not hard to understand why so many people are obsessed with things like this.

"I thought these were leather bags for a sec," a TikToker commented.

Another wrote, "Girl my man won't throw away his tea bags either."

"Wait so ppl don't wash their pillows once a week?" commented one TikTok user.

Another commented, "Girl you got a lotta patience, I would just throw those potato sacks away."

"Whomever owns these pillows is immune to COVID," one person wrote.

If you're desperate to give your pillows a wash now, here's everything you need to know about how to wash them.

And, if you're now feeling very inspired to do a strip wash, we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about strip washing and a list of ingredients we've used before.

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