Wife is shocked by amount of dirt she extracts from her husband's favourite pillows

Woman is horrified after husband's pillows turn the bathwater BROWN with dirt when she washes them for the first time in five years

By Claire Toureille For Mailonline





A woman has gone viral with a horrifying video showing her washing her husband's pillows for the first time in five years.

The American woman, identified only as Lexi, shared a TikTok, of her soaking her husband's pillows in her bathtub with her 51,400 followers.

Fans watched in horror as the bath water in which Lexi had soaked the pillows turned darker and darker, reaching a unappetizing blackish color after 24 hours - and revealing just how much dirt was in the cream-colored pillows.


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An US-based wife named Lexi showed in horror what happened when she soaked her husband's favorite pillows, which hadn't been washed for five years (pictured: the pillows at the start of the soak)

People gasped when Lexi showed what the bathwater looked like after she soaked the pillows for 24 hours

The pillows were so dirty and stained that one of Lexi's fans said they confused them with sacks of potatoes

Viewers compared the pillows to potato sacks and Titanic life preservers, and some 'gasped' when Lexi revealed the pillows were originally white, and not brown like many had assumed.

'Stripping my husband's favorite pillow after five years,' Lexi wrote with the video.

In the clip, which received more than 4 million likes on the social media platform, Lexi filmed the two pillows which she had placed in water in her bathtub.


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She poured three different cleaning products in the water, including laundry detergent, odor defense tablets and stain remover.

Wife is shocked by amount of dirt she extracts from her husband's favourite pillows

She then documented how the soaking process was shaping up, filming the color of the water as it grew darker and darker.

Lexi used tablets to remove any odor from the pillows, left and stain remover to thoroughly clean them up

After four hours, the water looked grey and turned to brown at the eight-hour mark.

Finally, Lexi showed that the water turned a deep brown after the pillows had spent a full day in the water.

She emptied the tub and removed the pillows, to show that there was a residue of dust, dirt and hair in the tub.

After their soak, the old pillows had turned from brown to white. Lexi explained she would pop them in the washer to complete the clean.

People who watched the video couldn't understand why Lexi hadn't just thrown away the pillows and bought her husband new ones.

After eight hours, the water in the bathtub started to turn an unappetizing shade of brown

After 14 hours, the water was even dirtier and the pillows still weren't completely clean

Once the tub was emptied, Lexi reveled its bottom was covered in hair, sand and dirt, pictured, which had bene extracted from the pillows

'Girl if you don't throw them Benjamin Franklin pillows away,' one fan joked.

'I thought they were potato sacks,' one said.

'Girl if you don't throw away those Titanic life preservers,' another said.

'Buy a new pillow, it's not that hard,' said another.

'Everyone suggesting getting a new one has no idea what its like to find the perfect pillow after you already have the perfect one. No other COMPARES,' one explained.

Viewers were shocked by the video and said Lexi should have just thrown away the pillows

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