TikToker shares 10-minute microwave cleaning hack

A TikToker has shared her clever method for cleaning the inside of the microwave, and it only takes 10 minutes. The best microwave is a huge time-saver, but it can quickly become a grimy and unhygienic cave of splattered food.

Carolina McCauley's microwave cleaning hack is to place a bowl of white vinegar and dish soap into the microwave for a few minutes, before wiping down.

TikTok steam microwave cleaning hack

First, Carolina pours some white vinegar and a few pumps of dish soap into a microwaveable glass bowl. Then, in it goes for 3 minutes.

TikToker shares 10-minute microwave cleaning hack

She then waits another 2 minutes before opening the microwave, letting the steam do its thing. The cleaning enthusiast and mother of two then wipes the microwave down with a microfiber cloth, available at Amazon.

'The steam will loosen up any grime,' she says.

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Carolina's TikTok on how to clean a microwave with minimal elbow grease has now had an impressive 72,000 views. One viewer said to add a slice of lemon to the bowl, while another said they'd be too scared to try it because their microwave is too powerful.

'This can be done with the oven too but I would skip the dish soap (just vinegar & water),' one TikToker commented. This cleaning hack reminds us of one recently wrote about – the water bowl oven cleaning hack that uses the grime-budging power of steam to clean your oven.

Real Homes' News Editor Rebecca Knight tried this steam microwave cleaning hack but used water and a dash of white wine vinegar, and added a few drops of lemon essential oil. She was really impressed with the results, and says her kitchen smelt great afterwards, although she thinks water on its own would do the trick.

Clare Edwards is a home economist at Smeg, the Italian home appliance manufacturer famous for its classic fridge and kettle designs. 'Another trick is to heat up a slice of lemon in a water bath which will remove odors and keep your microwave smelling fresh,' says Clare.

She says microwaves can also be easily cleaned with hot soapy water. Will you be trying this hack?