The world's craziest loo designs

They've got some toilet humour! The world's craziest loo designs from musical instruments and flowers to one that's definitely not for those scared of heights

By Sophie Inge For Mailonline






They're not your bog standard loos. Bemused customers have been sharing snaps of the strangest places they have gone to spend a penny - and some are not for the faint-hearted.

From the spooky to the downright blasphemous, it seems there's no limit to the creative potential of the humble lavatory.

If you're scared of heights then you might want to avoid the glass-floored bathroom, which appears to be suspended above a bottomless pit.

And even the clingiest of couples might find the joint loos and attached Jacuzzi a little too close for comfort.

But others, like these urinals in the shape of trumpets, are nothing short of ingenious.

Yet another comes with its own game console.

Blowing your own trumpet: The men's loos in The Bell Inn, Sussex feature trumpets which double as urinals


As nature intended: These floral toilets make for a more natural bathroom experience

Don't look down! If you're scared of heights steer clear of this bathroom, which appears to be suspended above a bottomless pit

We feel sorry for the staff at this farm. It's still unclear whether employees or management get the better deal here

Perfect for people-watching: This futuristic loo allows customers to watch the outside world from the inside while concealing them from view

The world's craziest loo designs

Jazz up your toilet experience with this disco-style bathroom - and practice those dance moves in the process

This rather blasphemous bog features urinals adorned with what appear to be nuns in silent contemplation

His 'n' hers: These joint loos attached to a large hot tub are a little too close for comfort - even for the clingiest of couples

There's something fishy about this loo, which is attached to a fish tank

Don't be shy: If you're of a nervous disposition it's best to avoid this urinal, which features strategically-placed photos of gawping women

This huge skull toilet makes for a rather spooky bathroom experience. Spend a penny at your peril!

Throne fit for a king: This bathroom, featuring a goldplated loo and bathtub, offers customers star treatment

Pee while you skii: If you're afraid of heights you might want to avoid this toilet which gives the illusion of being on the top of a very steep ski slope

This ice-cold lavatory is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Best to wait till you get home unless you're really desperate

The tower-block themed wallpaper in this cubicle will leave you feeling dizzy

Loo with a view: Watch the fish swim by as you spend a penny in this bathroom, which appears to be in the middle of an aquarium

Weird cocooned pods comprise the intergalactic space-age landscape in the Sketch Gallery loo in London

Gamers paradise: Going to the loo can be tedious experience - so why not entertain yourself with a computer game

Pictured: A risque loo-fitting in the shape of a mouth and right, a urinal featuring fire buckets

Regal: This lavatory is rather tastefully concealed as a wooden throne. There's even toilet brush to match

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