The 6 best temporary hair color products for kids to try this summer

Can we all agree that all hair colors, especially non-traditional hair colors, are having A Moment? Maybe it was the monotony of the pandemic, but it feels like every social media outlet is rife with gorgeous photos of bold, gem-toned hair on people of all ages. Kids, too, are even getting in on the trend. With summer quickly approaching, chances are if you have children in your home they're going to be begging you for blue hair. Or magenta hair. Or, better yet, rainbow hair. And why not? It looks so cool!

If you're looking to indulge your kids' hair color fantasies this summer, look no further. We've compiled the best, safest, most popular temporary hair colors for your kids to try all summer long. Permanent hair color (especially bold shades that require a full bleaching before application) is quite a commitment, so these are some easy ways for you and your kids to test the colors of the rainbow.

These are safe, easy, affordable ways for kids to be able to freely express themselves via their hair, which is an awesome summer gift to give them. If you have any questions or concerns, ask your hair stylist or someone at a local salon.


1. Colorista 1-Day Temporary Hair Color Spray

Color as much of your hair or as little of your hair as you want with this spray-on color by L’Oreal. You simply can’t beat the good, ol’ fashioned spray-on color—it’s basically a rite of passage in childhood. This spray comes in a variety of different hues and washes out after a day. No commitment, no mess.


The 6 best temporary hair color products for kids to try this summer

2. KC Republic Kids Hair Chalk

This hair color chalk lasts for three days and comes in a variety of metallic, sparkly colors. You can even layer them and blend them together! Your child can experiment with different looks and it lasts less than a week. The chalk seals in the hair color within 60 seconds and covers large areas of your hair. You can style your colored hair with a flat iron or curling iron without making a mess, too, which is pretty cool for tweens.


3. Multi-Color Temporary DIY Hair Color Wax

This hair color wax comes in six different colors, it’s easy to use, it’s clean, and long-lasting. Make sure when you’re applying it, your child is wearing an old shirt you don’t mind getting colored. This wax washes out completely after about 1-2 shampoos, and you can keep experimenting with all the colors offered. Add in bold streaks, or do a whole-head color! The choice is yours.


4. Colored Clip Hair E​xtensions

You can choose your color and pick your length with these clip-in colorful hair extensions. You can also heat-style them, which is perfect for a dance recital or any special occasion! This package includes 24 pieces of 22-inch hair extensions in a dozen brilliant colors.


5. Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Colour

Maybe your kiddo is looking for a color to last all summer long, but will be washed out long before school starts again. If that’s the case, then this Punky semi-permanent, conditioning hair color would be a great choice. There’s no need to add peroxide or bleach, and this hair color is safe for all hair types. Because it’s conditioning, it prevents breakage and over-drying, and it fades after no more than 35 shampoos. Kids can have fashionable hair color without any damage.


6. Unicorn Hair Dye

Unicorns are all the rage and so is this hair color, especially in the Strawberry Jam color. This shade transforms hair into a magical shade of fuchsia and delivers intense color on pre-bleached platinum to medium blonde hair, and adds a tint of color to dark blonde and light brown hair. It conditions the hair and it’s cruelty-free. Your unicorn-obsessed child will thank you for this one, no doubt!


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