The 4 Best Bath Pillows For Straight-Back Tubs

Much like when you’re shopping for the best bath pillows for any tub, the best bath pillows for straight-back tubs are well-cushioned, water-resistant or quick-drying, and actually stay put while you’re relaxing in the bath. That said, because of their sharp angles, straight-back tubs can be especially uncomfortable when you’re bathing for elongated periods of time, so the right pillow in this instance will have the curves and cushioning necessary to counteract that, not to mention a tub-compatible size and shape.

All of the options listed below are reviewer favorites that are made from thick foam, utilize waterproof fabrics or quick-drying ventilation holes on more fabric-like options, and feature suction cups on the back to prevent the pillow from slipping out from underneath you. They also all have separate sections to amply support your head and shoulders. There is also a longer, full-body option that cushions all the way down to the legs, too. Most importantly, thanks to their ample suction cups, versatile shapes, and contoured, cushioned designs, they’re especially well-suited for straight-back tubs (and they’ve got the buyer comments to prove it).

If you’re looking to make your straight-back tub infinitely more enjoyable, check out these four bath pillows that are both compatible and comfortable.

1. The Overall Best Bath Pillow For Straight-Back Tubs

Gorilla Grip Comfort Spa Bath PillowAmazon

The Gorilla Grip Comfort Spa bath pillow is one of the only options that’s advertised as a great fit for both curved and straight-back tubs and reviewers back that up. It has three distinct sections that cushion your head, shoulders, and back, and the 2-inch foam relaxes your body while simultaneously laying flat, even against a straight-back tub. Finally, the seven suction cups keep it securely attached, while the fully waterproof outer material keeps your pillow dry, fresh, and mildew-free. No wonder it has more than 15,000 reviews and a best-selling status. Choose between seven colors, and it also comes in two versions that just cover the head and shoulder.

The 4 Best Bath Pillows For Straight-Back Tubs

One reviewer wrote: “So far I love this bath pillow!! Taking a bath is one of my favorite ways to relax and treat myself to some comfort. But my bath is super uncomfortable and has a straight back that is rough to lean against. This bath pillow makes all the difference in the world.”

2. The Thickest Bath Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow Amazon

A contoured ergonomic design, an adjustable head roll, thick, adaptive foam fabric, a breathable mesh cover — if the Everlasting Comfort bath pillow looks like one of the most comfortable options on the market, that’s because it is. It’s designed to fit all types of tubs, but the 4.3-inch thickness makes straight-back tubs especially comfortable. The mesh cover and hook makes drying fast and easy. It has four large, nonslip suction cups that adhere to slick surfaces. Among its reviewer-appreciated extra features, you’ll find a deep side pocket for storage, a lifetime replacement policy, and a free loofah with every order.

One reviewer wrote: “I have been through so many different bath pillows, not a single one of them were very comfortable. This pillow is exactly what I was looking for. Back support & neck support that works wonders in my crappy old straight backed tub!”

3. The Best Full-Body Bath Pillow

OMYSTYLE Full Body Bath PillowAmazon

If you’re looking for full-body cushioning (instead of just your head and upper back), this bath pillow is one of the highest-reviewed options and still less than $50. The 21 anti-slip suction cups keep the 50 inches of foam well-secured to your tub, while the air-mesh fabric provides ventilation and dries quickly. The built-in headrest features 2 inches of foam, while the rest of the cushion is about an inch thick — and the whole thing is machine-washable to keep things clean.

One reviewer wrote: “This bath pillow is awesome! It is very comfortable and stays in place well. It has a handy hook to hang it up after you use it so it can dry and a mesh bag to keep it in for storage. It is nice to have padding down your whole back instead of just under your head.”

4. A Contoured, Breathable Bath Pillow

Bath Haven Bath PillowAmazon

Some people find the texture of waterproof plastic to be uncomfortable against their skin, so if that’s you, the Bath Haven bath pillow is the way to go. The mesh fabric features ventilation holes all over, which allow for breathability and comfort, but the pillow still dries quickly after a bath — and it even has a built-in hook for air-drying and is also machine-washable in the included cleaning bag. The foam cushioning is curved for comfortable support of your neck, head, and shoulders, and it has six suction cups that secure it to any type of tub.

One reviewer wrote: “I've been through several bath pillows and this is the best yet. I have a deeper jet tub with fairly straight sides. I've always found it uncomfortable. This pillow is very comfortable behind the neck and the added support down the neck and upper back actually makes a difference, hits just behind shoulders. The ‘fabric’ is also much more comfortable than a solid plastic and dries quickly.”