Seven cleaning hacks that will change your life

From floor mopping and laundry to the many uses of lemons, here are seven super-simple yet incredible cleaning hacks everyone should know about…


Here's how to mop with clean water: This clever trick sounds complicated but it’s very simple.

What you need to do is place a smaller bucket inside the larger one and fill it with water and floor cleaner, then when you drain the dirty water into your mop bucket, it goes into a separate area, and the clean water stays clean.


If you’ve ever taken the drawers and shelves out of your fridge and ended up spraying water all over the kitchen floor as you attempted to clean them in the sink, here’s a genius idea: put them in the bath, where you’ll have more room and can rinse them with the showerhead.


You can also use your bathtub to deep clean plastic blinds.

Start by dusting them, then soak in soapy water for an hour, rinse, leave to dry, then they’re ready to rehang.

Seven cleaning hacks that will change your life


How to make your whitewash brighter This hack is useful for keeping white clothes bright, or for tackling stubborn stains.

As well as using your usual detergent, pour some washing up liquid on a white towel and add it to the drum, along with your laundry.


They may look clean on the outside, but wooden spoons can soak up all kinds of oils and residue.

Fill a small heatproof bowl or jug with boiling water, pop your wooden spoon in for about 15 minutes.

The heat with dissolve and release any gunk that’s hiding inside.


Make your laundry routine easier — and more aesthetically pleasing — by decanting your liquid detergent into a glass drink dispenser (make sure it’s labelled and stored out of reach if you have kids) and storing other bits and bobs in stylish jars and boxes.


Use lemons as a cleaning product. Is there anything you can’t clean with lemons? According to cleanfluencers, they can be used to freshen up wooden chopping boards, improve dishwasher performance and steam clean microwaves.