Savvy mum's easy DIY hack leaves dirty sofas looking brand new - for less than £15

A savvy mum-of-two has given a virtual lesson of how to clean your sofa cushions for a bargain price.

Sophie Damerum, 28, posted a video on TikTok of how to clean the cushion covers so you can make you couch look brand new again.

The step-by-step video got more than 1.9 million views on TikTok as it showed people how lukewarm water and some cheap high street cleaning products are enough to get the job done.

The mum began by filling her tub with the water, adding two Persil non-bio washing pods (£6.99 for a large bag), Lenor fabric conditioner (£2 for a bottle) and Zoflora (£1.99 at B&M).

Sophie, and who lives with her fiance and two children in Somerset, then left the cushions in the tub for two hours, rinsed them off with clean water and put them on a spin cycle in the washer.

Finally, she air-dried the cushions - and the result is astounding.

Savvy mum's easy DIY hack leaves dirty sofas looking brand new - for less than £15

Explaining how she used lukewarm water to stop the cushions from shrinking, Sophie, who is a landlady, said: "The first step is to put in your washing pods or powder whichever you have already, softener and Zoflora disinfectant.

"I left mine for two hours then rinsed them off with clean water and later I put mine on a spin only in the washer as my covers are super thick.

"I then air-dried them over an airer by laying them flat across the bars.

"The method worked really well, [the covers] came out completely clean and smelling fresh.

"I was surprised how dirty the water was at the end as I didn't realise my covers were that dirty."

Some users suggested Sophie put the cushion covers on a washing machine cycle instead of letting them soak in the bathtub - and others suggested the method was similar to hand washing.

One user commented: "Yes this is how the water is when u hand wash like the old days."

Another added: ""Each to their own but I'd actually find this quite satisfying to do! And the occasional money saver!!"