Mum shows what might be lurking in your sofa with grim results of cleaning job

We're all spending a lot of time at home during the coronavirus lockdown, which means we're also spending a lot of time lounging around on our sofas.

Despite it being one of our favourite places, the sofa is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning - aside from a quick hoover between the cushions when we go looking for some lost money.

But you may reconsider finally undoing the zips on the covers and giving them a good wash (or two) after seeing the grim results from one sofa which had been left uncleaned for seven years.

Posting in the ' Mums Who Clean ' Facebook group, which boasts more than 230,000 members, one mum says she thought it was about time she gave her partner's sofa a 'strip wash'.

But rather than throwing the covers into the washing machine for quick spin, she decided to soak them in a bathtub - leaving the evidence of just how filthy they really were.

Mum shows what might be lurking in your sofa with grim results of cleaning job

She filled the tub with hot water, throwing in soda crystals, cleaning product Borax and washing up liquid, watching the water quickly turn to a thick, grey colour.

The covers needed to be soaked twice to get the job done, with photos uploaded with the caption: "Feeling very happy with myself.

"I really don't like my partner's couch but we decided not to buy a new one until next year.

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"So after two strip washes (he hasn't washed it ever in seven years) and a giant bag of shredded foam, which is really, really messy, this is my results.

"I didn't take proper before photos because I had already started stripping it. Now to sit on it and enjoy self-isolation."

The results looked great when the covers were dried and replaced, prompting others to consider giving it a go themselves, with one writing: "OMG just look at the colour of the water! I need to do this with mine!"