Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner

Keeping the house clean while raising little ones is an uphill battle, but it's a worthy fight.

We want our homes to look and smell clean, but we don't want to introduce dangerous chemicals into ours family's lives, either. What's a mama to do?

We talked to the experts, aka Motherly's moms, for 5 of our favorite nontoxic products for safely cleaning the house:

Can we just be honest for a second here?

We're OBSESSED with Method's All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner. Its scent? Heavenly. Its cleaning power? Impressive. Sometimes we just stand around spraying five-day-old-orange juice stains (no judgment) and soaking in the sweet Method-scented air.

Oh, and the all-natural, nontoxic product works extremely well, too.

The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop uses steam, and not synthetic chemicals, to clean and sanitize your floors. (We love the sizzle of the steam coming out of the mop, it's kind of addicting.)

Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner

The washable microfiber covers just pop in the washing machine for quick cleaning. Use on hardwood or tile—or anywhere your kid dumps his breakfast.

Babyganics uses plant-based cleaning power and helps take baby's (and let's be honest, mama's) messes out of clothing, linens and even some furniture.

Motherly's mamas love using it to get mysterious stains and odors out of clothes, bibs, diapers, carpets and bedding. (And anywhere else little paws wipe themselves. So pretty much everywhere.)

It can even be used on cloth diapers, for all you diaper-washing Supermamas out there.

By now you've probably been able to tell that all roads as a mother lead to the bathroom.

Well, the bathtub specifically.

If you end your day like we do (hunched over your sweet baby getting clean in a tub), you'll feel better knowing that she's only being touched by nontoxic ingredients.

The Honest Company Bathroom Tub & Tile Cleaner uses Eucalyptus Mint is that tub scrub that mamas love. (Sorry, had to.)

Let's be real: Motherhood is two-thirds love and one-third cleaning stuff off the floor.

We've stocked our homes with towels of all kinds, but always go back to microfiber towels that actually get more absorbent each time you wash them. Add a little elbow grease (and maybe that sweet-smelling Method spray) and dirt doesn't stand a chance.

Stock up.

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