Key bathroom trends in 2022

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  • Product News| AAU Products9 Mar 2022

    Methven predicts that in 2022 the focus for the bathroom, more than any other room in the home, will incorporate key wellness and self-care trends, with an emphasis on the importance of creating harmony. Focusing on quality items that last and provide comfort above all else will be the priority.

    Key bathroom trends in 2022

    Trends for 2022 dictate that functionality and eco-friendly will be at the top of the list; water-efficient and energy-efficient bathroom fixtures are a must-have. Andy Grigor, head of design and innovation at Methven, explains that while water conservation may be at the forefront of our minds, it doesn’t have to mean compromising on the shower experience. “People tend to associate less water with bad experiences. Our mission at Methven is to change that. We design with the intent to use less but not at the expense of experience. Our shower designs focus on innovation, sustainability and water conservation, and along with leading-edge technology result in a transformative shower experience.”

    Methven offers a number of four-star shower options, such as the Rua rail shower, where the water flow is optimized to be efficient without compromising the spray performance. The Rua features award-winning Aurajet technology, and hidden nozzles that generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces, offering a seemingly floating shower head.

    Integrating intuitive products will make life easier and use energy efficiently. “Our lives already have an overload of information and there is a movement to transition from the smart home to the thoughtful home,” explains Grigor. “We are working on hidden technology that helps meet everyday demands, with products that have intuitive features that use several metrics to predict your needs.” An example of this is intuitive shower technology keeping track of your habits and automatically powering on the thermostat at just the right temperature and water flow for you.

    From an interior design perspective, Methven sees artistic touches giving character to bathrooms: modern wallpaper, wall panelling, warm colours, and the natural hues of stone and wood. “The connection to nature and earthy raw colours and textures provides a calming yet resort luxe feel to an ultimate bathroom sanctuary,” says Grigor. Overall bathroom design sees “a simple pallet with natural materials of stone and wood allowing bathroom fixtures to accentuate the detail and finishing touches. We’ll start to see softer forms become more prevalent, but for tapware clean lines and a minimalist touch will enable other features in the bathroom, like the shower design, to become the hero feature.”


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    Key bathroom trends in 2022

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